teddy bear mascot costume at best price on amazon

Teddy Bear Mascot Costume at Low Prices

Are you on the hunt for the perfect bear mascot costume?  

Mascot Costumes can be pricey but not for you because today we will explore some of the best value-for-money Bear Mascot Costumes at a low price.

Whether you’re gearing up to be a mascot performer in an event, or just want to add some furry fun to your next house gathering, finding the right bear costume is the key. 

But with so many options out there, how do you know which one offers the best value for your money?

In that case, We’ve scoured Amazon to bring you a curated list of the top teddy bear mascot costumes that not only promise quality but won’t break the bank. 

From teddy bears and panda bears to amazing grizzly bear mascot costumes, all are available under a budget price.

So, let’s explore this list to find the best mascot for sale at a low price.

Reviewing 13 Best Bear Mascot Costumes for Sale at a Low Price

Full Premium Body Bear Mascot Costume Adult

Full Body Bear Mascot Costume Adult

This one is a full-body heavy-duty Bear mascot costume for adults. It is big, it is premium, and it is a bear mascot.

It has a plush jumpsuit with attached hands and feet covers.

Headpiece adorned with cute bear ears and a friendly face.

Overall quality is good and compatible with dance performances, parades, or premium costume parties.

At this price point, this premium mascot provides a long-term investment for those seeking a realistic bear mascot costume.

Guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter wherever you go!

Brown Bear Mascot Costumes average for kids and adults

Brown Bear Mascot Costumes average for kids and adults

Spread the cheer with this affordable American Bear Mascot Costume for sale! It is perfect for those seeking an average mascot costume under 50 dollars.

This one includes a jumpsuit, mask, gloves, and feet covers. But do not mistake as the jumpsuit looks very realistic and fluffy.

It has a practical design with see-through mesh eye and mouth ventilation. Thin cloth material gives you a longer time to wear and use.

Convenient front zipper for easy on and off.

Quality material ensures comfortable fit and movement. 

Brown Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume Adult

This Brown Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume Adult is more like a horror costume. Perfect for those who are looking for a more realistic Halloween bear costume.

Heavy costume for premium use. Its body part is huge making you look like a real bear. It has a plush jumpsuit with attached hands and feet covers.

The headpiece is complete with ferocious bear features.

Perfect for sports events, promotional activities, or themed parties.

Guaranteed to command attention and inspire awe wherever you go!

Huge Inflatable Polar Bear Furry Mascot Costume for Sale

Make a big impression with this budget-friendly Huge Inflatable Polar Bear Costume!

This polyester-made mascot includes a costume with a built-in fan, vest, and battery bank for easy operation.

It may not be so realistic but the white polar bear design makes it still cool for house parties.

The battery pack required for operation is included in the shipment.

The costume and battery are shipped separately for convenience.

Available in three size options to fit a wide range of heights and adult sizes.

Panda Bear Mascot Costume Adult

This one is a Panda Bear mascot costume, that looks like a bear but is actually a big panda.

High-quality material and premium design make it excellent for a mascot. It has good air permeability, a clear line of sight, and easy cleaning.

Built-in fans to keep you cool in summer, setting it apart from other similar products.

Free size fits heights from 5’2″ to 6’0″ and weighing up to 200lbs, with the option for other sizes upon request.

Comparatively easy to clean with spot cleaning and dry washing methods.

One Casa Bear Inflatable Costume Riding Bear

Looking for a cheaper one? Check this bear dress costume, adult size, fits heights from 5.2 to 6.2ft.

The package includes an instruction sheet, an inflatable bear suit, a hat, and an air pump (batteries not included).

Crafted from high-strength waterproof polyester, featuring excellent stitching for durability against rips and tears.

Equipped with a powerful-duty blower for continuous airflow to inflate the costume.

Turn on the power of the battery pack and blower to inflate the costume within seconds.

Brown Bear Mascot Pajamas for Sale

This one is a brown bear costume made from 100% polyester flannel material, providing warmth and comfort.

Apart from bear costumes, there are other lifelike image designs available of adult avocados, etc.

Designed for warmth, with fluffy, cozy, and light fleece material suitable for 23°C temperature.

Zipper closure for easy wearing and snug fitting, ideal for sleepwear.

Environmentally friendly dyes are used in the printing process, ensuring safety for adults.

Machine washable for convenient cleaning and quick drying.

Polar Bear Mascot Costume Adult

Made of high-quality polyester, this polar bear onesie adult costume is soft, waterproof, and easily inflatable when the fan starts to work.

Package includes 1 x Polar bear Inflatable Costume and 1 x USB mini fan blower (batteries not included).

Suitable for individuals between 4.9ft (1.5M) to 6.2ft (1.9M), making it a versatile option for adults of various sizes.

Perfect for occasions such as New Year, Christmas, festivals, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and cosplay events.

Allows for walking, running, jumping, and overall movement while wearing the costume, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume for Kids

This one is a long-lasting furry Brown Bear Costume for Kids, available in large size.

Made from 80% polyester and 20% acrylic faux fur for a soft and realistic look and feel.

This mascot costume features a back zipper for easy dressing, with mitts sewn to sleeve cuffs that can fold back to free the hands.

The headpiece includes fabric lining, and ears on top, and fastens securely with a Hook and Loop fastener under the chin.

Slippers are equipped with anti-skid faux leather soles for safety and stability.

Care Bear Mascot Costumes Adult-Sized

This premium Adult-Sized care bear mascot costume includes a head with see-through eye mesh, a jumpsuit with attached mittens, and foot covers.

A budget-friendly mascot for business promotion, team representation, event marketing, or garnering attention.

Unlike others this one is a premium quality mascot costume from Forum Novelties, ensuring longevity and durability.

Available in different sizes for adults. Refer to the product page to know more about size.

Pooh Bear Mascot Costume for Sale

Made from luxurious Sherpa bear costume material, comprising 100% polyester for utmost comfort.

This mascot features a lifelike image design of a pooh bear costume, adding charm to the ensemble.

Designed to provide warmth with fluffy, cozy, and lightweight fleece, ideal for maintaining comfort at 23°C.

Equipped with a zipper closure for convenient and snug fitting, perfect for sleepwear use.

Uses environmentally friendly dyes, ensuring safety for adults and peace of mind.

Tiger Bear Mascot Costume adult

This one is more of a Tiger mascot costume suitable for both Halloween and fun party dress.

Made from 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, ensuring durability and flexibility.

Covers the body from head to toe, providing a complete transformation into a tiger bear.

Glows when under UV light, adding a mesmerizing effect to your costume.

Features see-through, breathe-through, and drink-through capabilities.

Original and best with a 4-way stretch feature for added comfort and flexibility.

Plush Polar Bear Mascot Head Costume Bear

Transform into a cute cat or a fun-loving Teddy with this bear mascot head, perfect for Halloween, mascots, cosplay, or a night out on the town!

Featuring see-through mesh between the eyes and an open mouth, these animal Halloween costumes allow for easy working.

With a one-size-fits-most design, our animal suits are suitable for adults and provide all-day comfort.

Crafted from soft, lightweight, breathable materials, expert craftsmanship ensures strength and longevity.

At Clever Idiots, customer satisfaction is our top priority. The dedicated team is always ready to assist you if you have any questions about these bear costumes.

Mascots have been playing a crucial role in grabbing people’s attention at every event. Whether it is a small party or a big event, If you are going to be a Mascot performer, these Bear Mascot Costumes can save the day for you.

Get ready to unleash the best event with this collection of Teddy bear mascot costumes for sale! From cute teddy bears to fierce tigers, these budget-friendly costumes are perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or just adding some fun to your next party. 

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