how to make molds for cosplay crafting at home

How to Make Molds at Home for Cosplay

Is there a method to make mold without Silicone? The answer is Yes. You can use several other methods to make molds for any kind of cosplay crafting with Foam Clay.

Silicon Molds or any other molds are necessary for cosplayers. We often make cosplay props, armor parts, etc. with the foam clay. In that case, always buying custom molds can be expensive.

So to save your money and make you a pro cosplay crafter, today we are here with something extra. Yes, some DIY methods to make molds at home.

In this article, we will explore 3 ways to make molds with or without Silicone and it will be perfect for some cosplay crafting.

We can of course make silicon molds to shape our foam clay or make other arts but you may don’t know that other methods can be used to make small molds for your small creations.

You just have to use some household items like caulking material, Polymer clay, or Dirt Clay to make effective molds for foam clay.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with your DIY mold-making guide for cosplayers.

3 Methods to Make Molds for Foam Clay Crafting

Well then, Let’s explore the 3 ideas for making foam clay molds that will help you design your amazing Foam Clay art and cosplay props’ at your heart’s content. With these techniques, you’ll soon be crafting everything at home.

1. Silicon Mold

how to make silicone mold for cosplay at home

Materials Needed:

  • Silicone rubber (two-part)
  • Mixing container
  • Stirring stick
  • Object to mold
  • Mold release agent (optional)
  • Mold box or container (if necessary)

Step-by-Step Guide:

First, choose the object you want to replicate in foam clay and clean it nicely. After cleaning, apply some mold-releasing agents.

In the next step, prepare the box. In this box, you have to put the liquid mold and let it rest until it gets hard enough. Make sure the box is square-sized and slightly bigger than the object.

Now to make the mold liquid, get the Silicone rubber for mold making. It has 2 parts. In a bucket take both the parts equally and mix it well and thoroughly.

To remove any trapped air bubbles from the silicone rubber mixture, you can degas it by gently tapping the mixing container on the work surface.

Now simply pour the Silicone into the Mold Box while covering the object completely.

Set aside and let it rest so that the silicone rubber hardens. Typically, it will take several hours to fully cure.

Once the silicone has fully cured, carefully remove the mold box and gently peel away the silicone mold from the object. Take care not to damage the mold or the original object.

Just like that, your silicone mold will be ready to use.

Now, lets move on to the next method for making molds without Silicone.

2. Polymer Clay Mold

Making mold without silicone is not a new thing. To make cosplay props and arts with foam clay, we can use Polymer clay other than liquid silicone rubber.

how to make mold for cosplay without Silicone

Materials we need-

  • Object to mold
  • Rolling pin or flat surface
  • Craft knife or clay sculpting tools
  • Mold release agent (optional)
  • Oven (for curing polymer clay)

Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned before, you have to choose an object for which you want to create shapes. Then prepare the object by cleaning it nicely. If the object is not delicate then apply some releasing spray or you can also use talcum powder for it.

Now take a portion of polymer clay and soften it by kneading it in your hands. Make it smooth and give it a semi-round shape.

While shaping the polymer clay remember that you have to make it slightly bigger than the object.

Now carefully press the object into the rolled-out clay. Make sure that the clay has the complete structure of the object.

Now gently remove the object while making sure the mold is in the right shape. Then refine the mold by cutting the edges and trimming it nicely.

Now to harden the mold, we have to bake it in the oven. Simply preheat your oven according to the instructions on your polymer clay packaging.

Place the clay mold on a baking sheet and carefully transfer it to the oven.

Usually, the baking stays around 275°F (135°C) for 15-30 minutes per 1/4 inch (6mm) of thickness.

Finally, give the mold to cool down and it should be all ready to use. You can use foam clay on these molds to make new cosplay props.

3. Dirt Clay Molds

use Dirt Clay to make cheap molds for foam clay

Dirt Clay Molds are another good idea for some quick mold-making without silicone rubber. It can be a quick solution for small or minor cosplay crafting with foam clay.

To make such molds using dirt or mud, you have to make clay using dirt and water. Mix enough amount of water to make nice clay and kneed it well to make it smooth and bubble-free.

After you make the clay, take small parts and make shapes using the objects mentioned above.

After making the shapes correctly, rest it aside to air dry.

After drying it 50-70%, transfer it to the preheated oven. Baking is quite the same. Keep the molds at 275 degrees F for 15 to 30 minutes per ¼ inch of clay thickness.

Remove it once done and let it cool for next use.

4. Use Silicone Caulking to Make Molds

Many times we don’t have any of the above available. In such a case, there is another idea that you can use to make silicone molds at home for some quick foam clay crafting for your cosplay.

Yes, this is very easy and convenient. Besides, I would suggest you to use this technique to make tiny to small foam clay art quickly and effectively.

So for the method we need

  • Silicone Caulking used in the bathroom
  • A container and
  • Dishwashing liquid.

Step-by-Step Guide

First, take 10-15 liters of water in a container then add some liquid dish soap.

Mix it gently without making bubbles in the water.

Now bring your Silicone caulking and add some of it to the water.

It will behave like gen in the water, after taking enough amount in the water, let it stay for a minute.

Then take all the silicone calking out with your hand and press everything together to make a round or square shape.

Now insert your object in the silicone and press semi-hard to make the mold.

Let it rest to take the shape and harden it.

Once the caulking material is hard enough, remove the object and refine the mold by cutting and trimming the edges.

And just like that, you can make molds for cosplay craftings at home. This DIY mold-making guide is very convenient for those who do not want to waste time and liquid molds for minor crafting.


Cosplayers often struggle with the ideas and methods to make different cosplay arts and crafts. With proper knowledge, foam clay tricks, and this mold-making guide, you can make different types of mold for different types of foam clay crafting for cosplay.

Use liquid silicone rubber for making big and effective cosplay props or go with mud clay for budget mold making. You can also use Polymer clay to make beautiful foam clay art without messing up your hands and workplace.

Whatever you choose is okay because all these 4 methods to make a mold for foam clay are good enough for cosplayers to work with.

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