20+ deadpool cosplay ideas for the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie

Best Cosplay and Costume Ideas for Deadpool Fans

What can be better than some unimaginable Deadpool cosplay ideas? You might have thought that Deadpool is just one character, what could be more to add to the cosplay?

In that case, let me tell you that it has many amazing characters from the comic series that you probably didn’t know about.

From Lady Deadpool, and Kidpool, to Deadpool’s witch wife Shiklah, there are hidden characters that might leave you surprised.

With the upcoming movie Deadpool X Wolverine, many can use this blog post to explore amazing Deadpool cosplay ideas.

If you are also a fan and often think about dressing up as Deadpool or cosplaying as Deadpool then this article is going to leave you with many wonderful Ideas for Deadpool Costume.

So, let’s start exploring these 21 Deadpool cosplay and their unique costume ideas.

21 Unique Deadpool Cosplay Ideas and Costume Concepts

In this article, we have explored all the Deadpool movies and comics and listed the best Deadpool cosplay ideas to try in this year 2024.

Find something from this list if you are a cosplayer or just want an easy Deadpool costume idea for the upcoming movie.

21. Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Deadpool cosplay ideas (Wade Wilson)

Wade Wilson as Deadpool is the classic character that is everyones favorite. As a fan, everyone wishes to dress up as Deadpool and do all the actions and fun that Deadpool does.

Wade is the classic cosplay idea, agreed. But do not hold your imagination with this one only. Scroll down and find out the amazing Deadpool comic characters for more cosplay ideas.

20. Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool cosplay

Wanda Wilson is a female Deadpool from the Alternate Universe Earth-3010 in Marvel Comics. Her sassy attitude and unique female costume concept are something extra to Deadpool cosplay.

As for her origin story, she also experimented and turned into a female Deadpool. For the character potrayal, she is almost the same as Wade Wilson Deadpool. The fourth-wall-breaking style is sarcastic and witty behavior.

19. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the action figure from the Deadpool 1 movie. She is also very popular in the Marvel comics. Her attire is another topic for the cosplayers. Not to mention her cool attitude and earth-breaking power.

Her real name is Ellie Phimister and she made her first appearance in the New X-Men” #115 in 2001. As for the character’s potrayal, she mostly stays shut and talks with her power. Her power is to create explosive energy.

You can try her different costumes and cute hairstyles as a teenager.

18. Colossus (Deadpool Cosplay Ideas)

Colossus for Deadpool cosplay ideas

Colossus is a mutant and he is like a monk. Her look and characteristics can be an excellent cosplay idea for Deadpool fans.

He is basically a golden heart. There is nothing much to give attention to as a character potrayal but his costume is a challenge.

As a cosplayer enthusiast, you can accept the challenge and make such an amazing Deadpool costume for upcoming events or to attend the new Deadpool movie.

17. Domino

Domino cosplay ideas for Deadpool

Do you remember the female character called Domino? She made her appearance in the Deadpool 2. She is basically a lucky girl manipulating everything with her luck.

Apart from the movies, she looks awesome in the comics. Her iconic hairstyle, eye patch, and simple yet heroic outfit make this character a good character for Deadpool cosplay ideas.

For Domino’s character potrayal, you need to be happy and confident all the time. Also, keep a chewing a chewingum to look exactly like her.

16. Cable

Cable from Deadpool 2

Cable is the time-traveling warrior from the future. For most of us, Cable appears for the first time in Deadpool 2 movie but in reality, He is the son of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and a clone of Jean Grey named Madelyne Pryor. Cable first appeared in “New Mutants” #87 in 1990.

He has an amazing character for cosplay. His futuristic costume and robotic face are quite a challenge to make but if you really want to try something new for the Deadpool cosplay then Cable is your thing.

15. Ajax (Francis)

Ajax (Francis) the mad scientist of created Deadpool

Ajax or Francis is the mad scientist who made Deadpool. He is also a mutant that has super strength and immortality. This guy may look simple with the simple dress but his appearance in the comics is quite the opposite.

So, this time try something different. It can be an interesting cosplay idea for Deadpool fans.

14. Bob, Agent of HYDRA

Bob, Agent of HYDRA

Bob is an agent of HYDRA and made his first appearance in the comic Cable and Deadpool in 2007. His role is to be just a stupid guy. Besides being a Hydra team member, his costume is quite unique for cosplay.

So, if you ever make up your mind to cosplay as Bob then remember that he is all Timid and Cowardly but a good-hearted guy. Try to be in the costume with a villainous look while having a good heart and a tendency to help others.

13. Kidpool

Kidpool deadpool cosplay ideas

Kidpool is another Deadpool from the alternate universe just like the classic one. Kiidpool was first seen in the comic Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth in 2010. He is probably the best idea for teenagers and newbie cosplayers to cosplay as Deadpool. With all the action, humor, and fourth wall breaking, Kidpool comes with an easy-to-make Deadpool costume.

You can see the costume is a hoodie and a mask. So, without doing much, you can be a Deadpool with this Deadpool cosplay idea.

12. Pandapool

Pandapool cosplay concept

Pandapool is another variant of Deadpool from the comic version Deadpool” Vol. 4 #45 published in 2015. It doesn’t have a specific story line.

We have talked about Fat Guy cosplay Ideas in my other blog and this cosplay idea can be one of those. If you have a plus-size body and a big belly then become a Pandapool instead.

11. Shiklah

Shiklah wife of Deadpool

Shiklah is the queen of the dead and the former wife of Deadpool. Shiklah appeared first in the comic Deadpool: The Gauntlet #1 released in 2014.

Her supernatural power and hot look are what made her quite popular in the Marvel universe. Shiklah is from the ancient Undying Realm of the Hidden Valley of Haifu. She came to the present world in her tomb.

In the storyline, Deadpool is on a quest to find the Rhinehart Gauntlet for the client. But when he found it, he ended up releasing Shiklah from her tomb.

Shiklah’s hot outfit is one of the perfect Female Deadpool cosplay ideas compared to other ideas.

10. T-Ray

T-Ray comic villain of deadpool comic series

T Ray is another enemy of Deadpool. T-Ray made his first appearance in “Deadpool” Vol. 1 #1, which was published in January 1997.

T-Ray says he used to be a mercenary named Ray. He and Wade Wilson (who later became Deadpool) worked together on a mission in Japan. T-Ray claims that after the mission, Wade took his identity and memories. This made Ray lose who he was, and he had to become T-Ray instead.

9. Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool from Comic series

Another one from the alternate universe that is completely twisted and dark. He plays an interesting role in the story Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

For a change, you can try this Deadpool cosplay concept this year. His costume is all worn out stitched almost looking like a zombie.

8. X-Force Deadpool

X-Force Deadpool

A Deadpool but with a tactical mind and super-trained experience. This version of Deadpool first appeared in X-Force” Vol. 3 #1 published in 2008.

This darker and more tactical X-Force uniform offers a gritty and action-packed cosplay option for fans of the covert mutant team.

7. Deadpool in a Suit

Deadpool in a Suit

How about a Deadpool wearing a cool suit? In some appearances, Deadpool was seen wearing a white suit. It could be great for enthusiasts cosplaying as Deadpool with any of the 3 suits (black, white, and red) and the ask.

You can already see how perfect it looks.

6. Wolverine Deadpool

Wolverine Deadpool from alternate universe

A hilarious fusion of Deadpool and Wolverine. But yes it is real. The character made its first appearance with the comic Weapon X: Days of Future Now” #1 in July 2005.

The base storyline is Wolverine Deadpool was created in an alternated universe when the Weapon X program took place.

This character combines Deadpool’s costume with Wolverine’s iconic claws and hair for a wild and comedic cosplay option.

5. Weapon XI from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Weapon XI (Deadpool from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine")

Weapon XI is the previous version of Deadpool. We all know about this look when Wade Wilson became the formidable enemy of Wolverine.

It’s the simpler yet the strongest version of Deadpool with all the mutant power reserved in one body. How cool is that?

So, this time you can recreate the Weapon XI and look for a change.

4. Zenpool

Zenpool from Deadpool comic series

Zenpool is a zen and philosophical version of Deadpool from an alternate reality. It made the first appearance in Deadpool” Vol. 5 #37, which was published in October 2015.

In this story, Mr. Pool got sick with a virus that made him think differently. Instead of being crazy and violent, he became calm and peaceful for a while. This change made him want to follow the ideas of Zen Buddhism.

So, he eventually stopped being wild, crazy, and mindless for a bit and became a “mercenary monk” called Zenpool.

With the unique costume, try these Deadpool cosplay ideas for the good. Also, share philosophical thoughts while in the cosplay.

3. Pirate Deadpool

Pirate Deadpool cosplay ideas

The pirate Deadpool is another amazing concept for the Deadpool cosplay ideas. Originally known as Captain Deadpool is an alternate version of the character from alternate reality. It made its first appearance in Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth in 2010.

With all the humor, jokes, and fun, this character is another super cool one dealing with enemies with swords and pirate costumes.

It can also make wonderful Deadpool costumes to recreate. Take ideas from the images and make your own unique Captain Deadpool costume.

2. Deadpool 2099

Deadpool 2099 is a good one for cosplay in 2024

Coming from the futuristic world with futuristic costumes. Deadpool 2099 is another alternate timeline from 2099. The character appeared in the comic. Its immense power and hidden identity make it a good cosplay concept.

Also making its costume can be very difficult as the character is all equipped with high-end tech, superpower guns, and flying machines.

You can customize Deadpool 2099 with anything you want. Her character potrayal is quite the opposite of Deadpool. A serious rebel fighting against the superpower society.

1. Dogpool

Dress your dog as Dogpool this year

Yes, there is also a Dogpool in the Marvel comics. It is also known as Earth-103173. Obviously, Dogpool is the canine version of Deadpool. If you want to dress your dog as Deadpool then this one is good for you.

Its origin story is quite funny and without the action. In that episode, Deadpool was experimenting with a machine that could travel between realities. During one of these experiments, Deadpool accidentally zapped his own head off. It led his headless body wandering around. During this accident, he was merged with a dog and created the Dogpool.

Summary of the Top 21 Deadpool Characters for the Deadpool Cosplay Ideas

  • Lady Deadpool
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • Colossus (Deadpool Cosplay Ideas)
  • Domino
  • Cable
  • Ajax (Francis)
  • Bob, Agent of HYDRA
  • Kidpool
  • Pandapool
  • Shiklah
  • T-Ray
  • Evil Deadpool
  • X-Force Deadpool
  • Deadpool in a Suit
  • Wolverine Deadpool
  • Weapon XI from X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Zenpool
  • Pirate Deadpool
  • Deadpool 2099
  • Dogpool

As we move on to the new generation, new heroes are taking place. With the new heroes, new cosplay ideas are trending. With the recent success of the Deadpool movie series, more people are getting excited to dress up as the superhero and enjoy the character.

To fulfill these wishes of our beloved cosplayers and fans, I have listed all the important Deadpool characters that emerged as iconic characters during the Marvel history.

So try out these Deadpool cosplay ideas and every character’s costume concepts from the movies and comics mentioned in this blog.

I hope you liked this blog on Supercool Deadpool Cosplay. Visit Costume PlayHub for more.

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