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5 Best DIY Darksaber Ideas for Affordable Cosplay

Looking for affordable ways to make Darksaber at home? Well, Star Wars lovers! Just by using cardboard, foam, or PVC pipe, you will be able to make the best, and realistic looking Darksaber. In this article, we’ll guide you through five fantastic DIY Darksaber ideas for affordable cosplay.

All these tutorials are available on YouTube and will help you craft your own unique Darksaber. These tutorials vary in difficulty and materials, ensuring there’s an option for every level of DIY enthusiast. Let’s dive into the galaxy of creativity and bring the iconic Darksaber to life!

If you are interested in Bo Katan Costume Ideas or simply Star Wars’ cool ascesories then the Darksaber is a must-have item. But this one item is very expensive to buy.

DIY Darksaber Ideas to Make at Home

So, whether you are going to participate in cosplays or you are going to make one for the kids, it doesn’t matter. In this blog post, I will be listing the best and easy-to-make Darksaber sword-making tutorials with cardboard or PVC Pipe.

4 different types of diy darksaber sword to make

The PVC Pipe Darksaber

For beginners looking for a simple yet striking Darksaber design, the PVC pipe tutorial is an excellent starting point. Easily available materials like PVC pipes, foam, and paint make this project budget-friendly.

In this step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of shaping the hilt, making the blade, and adding the distinctive Darksaber details.

In this tutorial, you will see how ShimmerBlast(Link to the video) is shaping PVC pipe into a Darksaber hilt and then making the sword with the pipe itself.

This tutorial is perfect for those new to DIY prop-making, offering a satisfying result without overwhelming complexity.

Foam Board Mastery

If you’re keen on a lightweight and easily customizable Darksaber, the foam board tutorial is a fantastic option.

In this tutorial for making Darksaber with foam, the Blunt Brother props(Video LINK) show how to map your sword structure, and cut, and layering foam boards to achieve the desired shape and size.

The tutorial provides templates and detailed instructions, making it accessible for DIYers with varying skill levels.

With a very low spending, and few materials this foam Darksaber build will be complete. Also, you will need a bit of patience and creativity to have a Darksaber that’s not only impressive but also comfortable to wield during your next Star Wars cosplay event.

LED Lightsabers Meet Darksaber

For those who to spend a little extra money to seek a Darksaber with a luminous edge, this DIY Darksaber-making tutorial is a must-try.

In this tutorial, the YouTube RamenNoodleBudgets(Video Link Here) shows us how he made an amazing Darksaber hilt with a switchboard to turn on lights in it.

He also used a massive sheet of acrylic plastic to make the sword part. After he made the sword drawing and cut the plastic accordingly, he mounted those perfect-looking LEDs to his sword.

You’ll learn how to incorporate LED strips into the blade, giving your Darksaber an electrifying glow. The step-by-step guide covers the wiring, assembly, and customization aspects, ensuring your DIY Darksaber stands out in any crowd.

3D Printing Extravaganza

For the tech-savvy DIYers with access to a 3D printer, the 3D printing tutorial is a game-changer. This method allows for precise detailing and a professional finish.

In this tutorial Adafruit Industries(Video Link Here) shows how they made the 3D models of the Darksaber components, saving you time on design.

You can also purchase the model directly which is very extraordinary for some next-level cosplaying. It is strong, and durable, and comes with HD LED lights operated with mobile devices or watches.

You’ll explore the world of 3D printing, assembly, and finishing techniques, resulting in a Darksaber that looks like it came straight from the Star Wars universe.

Cardboard DarkSaber Hilt Mastery

For the affordable yet the best Darksaber hilt design, you can rely on this tutorial. With some pieces of cardboard, how someone can make such a realistic-looking Darksaber hilt?

In this tutorial, Mario Makes shows us how he made the perfect Darksaber hilt with just some cardboard pieces. Even you can make it easily with cardboard, glue, and paint.

This not only looks perfect but is also very strong and durable. It has all the details that are going to make you feel like a perfectionist.

With such an easy tutorial, you will be able to make a DIY Darksaber sword at home as a beginner.


Embarking on the journey to create your own Darksaber is a thrilling way to channel your inner Jedi. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, these five YouTube tutorials offer a range of options to suit your skill level and preferences. From budget-friendly PVC pipe designs to advanced metalworking projects, the galaxy of Darksaber crafting awaits. May the force be with you as you embark on this creative adventure!

We hope you liked this blog post. For more crafting, you can check our easiest DIY Bo Katan Helmet making tutorial here.

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