41 cartoon characters for costume ideas

41 Cartoon Costume Ideas for Everyone

Are you looking for Costume Ideas for a super-duper kid’s party?

For the Cosplay enthusiasts, one of the coolest parts is dressing up like our favorite cartoon character and giving them a show.

Whether it is a cosplay event or a family party, no worries if you’re running short on ideas. We’ve got your back with some super easy and fun Cartoon costume ideas that will make your little ones happy and have a blast at the party.

So, let’s explore these identical outfits of popular 90’s Cartoon characters that all kids love a lot.

Look out for these Bo Katan Costume Ideas too. Kids love Bo Katan a lot.

29 DIY Cartoon Costume Ideas for Male

Here I have listed 29 unique and easy-to-make cartoon costume ideas. These cartoons are very famous and their appearances are simple and unique.

You will be able to make look-alike costumes easily at home without breaking the bank.

Mickey Mouse (from Disney)

Mickey Mouse, the iconic creation of Walt Disney. This 90s cartoon is a timeless favorite among kids and adults alike. With his cheerful personality and recognizable attire, dressing up as Mickey Mouse is always a hit.

Mickey Mouse for 90's cartoon costume ideas
Mickey Mouse the 90s cartoon costume ideas

To create a Mickey Mouse costume, you’ll need a pair of black shorts, a red shirt, and, of course, Mickey’s signature round ears. You can easily craft the ears using a black felt and a headband. Complete the look with a pair of white gloves and yellow shoes, and voila!

Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes)

Bugs Bunny, the wise-cracking rabbit from the Looney Tunes. It is a classic character loved by kids. It’s easy to make identical outfits and can be very useful for your 90s cartoon costume ideas.

Bugs Bunny cartoon costume ideas
bugs bunny

To bring Bugs to life, start with a gray jumpsuit or leggings and a matching long-sleeved shirt. Craft his distinctive rabbit ears using gray or white felt attached to a headband. Don’t forget Bugs’ playful personality – add a carrot prop for authenticity and a mischievous touch.

Puss in the Boots

Puss in Boots is the swashbuckling feline from the Shrek series. It is a simple yet perfect choice for an adventurous cartoon costume show!

puss in the boots costume
puss in the boots

To transform into this cunning character, start with a white collared shirt and black trousers. Then, add a sleek black vest and a wide belt with a flashy buckle. Craft Puss’ signature boots using brown felt or fabric covers over your child’s shoes. Top it off with a plumed hat and a soft toy sword for a touch of dashing flair.

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is a lovable martial arts master that is very popular among kids. He is a powerful and endearing character from the DreamWorks franchise.

kung fu panda look alike costume
kung fu panda

To channel his inner warrior, start with a fluffy black and white jumpsuit or pants and a matching hoodie or top. Craft panda ears using black and white felt attached to a headband. Add a black belt with a prominent buckle for that authentic kung-fu vibe.


Aladdin, the daring and adventurous hero from the Arabian Nights tales, is a timeless Cartoon character loved by many. His costume ideas are so simple yet identical that can transform you into a real cartoon character without even doing much work.

Aladdin identical costume
Aladin character costume ideas

To transform into this charming figure, start with a flowing white shirt and baggy pants in a vibrant color like purple or red. Add a colorful vest or waistcoat and a matching sash tied around the waist. Don’t forget Aladdin’s iconic fez hat or a headband with a feather for a touch of authenticity.


Naruto is the spirited ninja from the hit anime series. His look can be a popular choice for costume enthusiasts.

Naruto outfit idea
Naruto cartoon character costume Ideas

To embody this determined character, start with a bright orange jumpsuit or jacket paired with blue pants. Add a black headband with the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village prominently displayed. Craft Naruto’s signature spiky blond hair using a wig or styling gel for added authenticity. Don’t forget the ninja accessories like kunai knives and shuriken pouches.

James P. Sullivan (Monsters. Inc)

James P. Sullivan, or Sulley for short, is the lovable blue monster cartoon from the beloved Pixar film Monsters, Inc. His teddy-like appearance can be a good choice for costume ideas.

James P. Sullivan (Monsters.Inc)
Sulley from Monster.INC

To transform into this gentle giant, start with a blue jumpsuit or hoodie and matching pants. Add some purple spots using fabric paint or felt for Sulley’s distinctive fur pattern. Craft Sulley’s large, expressive eyes using white and black felt attached to a headband or a hat.

Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu is the dynamic duo from the Indian animated series. It is a delightful choice for a cool cartoon costume.

Motu Patlu for classic costumes
classic motu patlu for cartoon character costume ideas

To become these fun-loving characters, start with a red shirt and blue pants for Motu, and a green shirt and white pants for Patlu. Add a yellow scarf for Motu and a red scarf for Patlu to complete their signature looks. Craft Motu’s round glasses using black pipe cleaners or wire, and Patlu’s pointed glasses using cardboard or foam.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is the cheerful sea sponge from Bikini Bottom. It is an iconic character loved by all ages.

SpongeBob SquarePants

To transform into this bubbly personality, start with a bright yellow t-shirt and brown shorts. Add SpongeBob’s signature white collared shirt and red tie on top of the t-shirt. Craft SpongeBob’s distinctive square pants using cardboard or fabric, and attach them around the waist.

Homer Simpson (from The Simpsons)

Simpsons is a 90s cartoon show and its popular character Homer Simpson is the lovable yet bumbling patriarch of the Simpson family. Its identical white shirt and blue pants can be made without making a sweat.

Homer Simpson

To become Homer, start with a white polo shirt and blue pants. Add a red tie loosely knotted around the collar for his work attire. Craft Homer’s balding head using a bald cap or simply styling hair to the sides. Don’t forget his iconic round glasses, which can be made from black pipe cleaners or purchased at a costume store.

Shaggy Rogers (from Scooby-Doo)

Shaggy Rogers is the lovable and laid-back member of the Mystery Inc. gang. He is an iconic character from Scooby-Doo. His vibrant t-shirt and pants could be a showstopper and identical to everyone. It can be the best choice for the 90s cartoon costume ideas.

Shaggy Rogers a 90s classic cartoon costume idea

To transform into Shaggy, start with a green t-shirt and brown pants. Layer on a baggy, earth-toned jacket or hoodie for his signature look. Add some scruffy facial hair using face paint or an eyebrow pencil for authenticity. Craft Shaggy’s messy hairstyle using a brown wig or styling gel for a tousled effect.

Spider-Man (Marvel Cartoons)

Spider-Man, the iconic Marvel superhero, is a favorite character beloved by children and adults alike.

Spider-Man cartoon standing with costume design

To become the friendly neighborhood web-slinger, start with a red and blue spandex bodysuit or jumpsuit. Add Spider-Man’s distinctive black web pattern using fabric paint or markers. Craft Spider-Man’s mask using a red ski mask or fabric, and attach white mesh fabric for the eyes.

Batman (from various Batman cartoons)

Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham City, is a beloved superhero known for his iconic costume. His appearance is evergreen.

batman cartoon and costume design

To dress as Batman, start with a black bodysuit and cape. Add a bat emblem to the chest and a utility belt around the waist. Complete the look with a Batman mask or cowl and black gloves.

Ben Ten

Ben 10 is an adventurous young hero with alien-transforming abilities. He is a popular cartoon character among kids and his outfit idea can allow you to entertain the kids at the party in the best way possible.

ben ten cartoon and his costume

To dress as Ben 10, start with a green cargo jacket over a white shirt. Add black cargo pants and black gloves. Create the Omnitrix, Ben’s signature device, using a toy watch or a DIY prop. Finish the look with black sneakers and you’re ready to save the day!

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone, the lovable caveman from the Stone Age, is a classic 90s cartoon character. Their identical family costume idea is another reason to choose for the family functions.

Fred Flintstone and his look alike outfit

To dress as Fred, wear an orange tunic over brown pants. Add a blue tie around the neck and create a caveman club using a foam or cardboard prop. Finish with bare feet or brown sandals for an authentic touch.


Popeye, the spinach-loving sailor with super strength. It is an iconic cartoon character for your iconic 90’s cartoon costume ideas.

popeye and his identical outfit

To dress as Popeye, wear a black sailor shirt with a red collar and anchor emblem. Add blue pants and a sailor cap. Carry a can of spinach as a prop and don’t forget to draw on a muscular forearm with marker for Popeye’s signature look!

Pink Panther

Pink Panther, the suave and mischievous cartoon character. This one is a fun choice for a cartoon costume.

pink panther and his real life costume design

Dress in head-to-toe pink attire, such as a pink bodysuit or sweater paired with pink leggings or pants. Craft Pink Panther’s ears using pink felt attached to a headband. Add a tail and a playful expression to complete the look. Optionally, carry a magnifying glass or wear a detective hat for added flair.

Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker, the zany and energetic cartoon bird, is a nostalgic favorite. To dress as Woody, wear a white long-sleeved shirt with a red bow tie.

Woody and his look alike outfit idea

Add blue pants and yellow gloves. Craft Woody’s distinctive red crest using red felt or fabric attached to a headband. Optionally, carry a toy hammer or pecking motion to mimic Woody’s antics.


Grinch, the grouchy yet endearing cartoon character from Dr. Seuss’ storiesIt can be a classic choice for costume ideas. Dress in a furry green bodysuit or sweater paired with green leggings or pants.

grinch costume and the character

Add Grinch’s signature Santa hat with a white trim and a large red ribbon. Paint your face green and add exaggerated eyebrows and a scowling expression. Carry a sack filled with presents or a plush Max the Dog for added effect.


Goku, the powerful Saiyan warrior from Dragon Ball Z, is a legendary Anime character. To dress as Goku, wear an orange martial arts gi with a blue undershirt.

goku and his outfit

Add a blue sash around the waist and wristbands. Style your hair in Goku’s signature spiky hairstyle or wear a wig. Optionally, carry a toy Dragon Ball or power-up pose for added authenticity.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear, the brave space ranger from Toy Story, is a favorite among kids. To dress as Buzz, wear a white jumpsuit with green and purple accents.

Buzz cartoon and his costume design

Add Buzz’s chest buttons and utility belt using fabric or cardboard. Wear purple gloves and craft Buzz’s space helmet using a white motorcycle helmet painted with green and purple accents. Don’t forget Buzz’s wings for the complete look!


Nobita, the lovable yet clumsy character from Doraemon. It is a charming choice for an easy-to-make cartoon costume.

Nobita and his costume idea

Dress in a blue short-sleeved shirt with white shorts. Add Nobita’s signature yellow backpack with red accents. Style your hair in Nobita’s simple hairstyle or wear a black wig. Carry a plush Doraemon or a small pocket gadget for added charm.

Cute Chucky

For a cute Chucky costume, opt for a striped long-sleeve shirt paired with denim overalls. Add red sneakers and a playful wig with tufts of red hair.

Instead of Chucky’s usual menacing expression, go for a smiley face with freckles and rosy cheeks. Carry a toy knife with a rounded tip as a prop to maintain the character’s charm while staying kid-friendly.


Woody from Toy Story is a classic choice. His identical dressup is also a good choice for DIY Cartoon costume ideas.

Dress in a yellow plaid shirt with denim jeans and a brown belt. Wear a cowboy hat and a red bandana around the neck. Don’t forget Woody’s sheriff badge pinned to the shirt. Add a pull-string mechanism to mimic Woody’s famous catchphrases for extra fun.

Super Mario

To become Super Mario, wear a red long-sleeve shirt paired with blue overalls. Add a red cap with a white circle and a red “M” in the center.

Wear white gloves and brown shoes. Consider adding a fake mustache and carrying a plush mushroom or a toy coin box. And of course, don’t forget to strike Mario’s classic pose with one fist in the air!

Ash (Pokemon)

To dress as Ash from Pokemon, wear a blue jacket with white trim over a black shirt. Pair it with fingerless gloves and blue jeans.

Don’t forget Ash’s signature red and white hat with the Pokeball emblem. Carry a Pikachu plush or Pokeballs as props to complete the look.

Ninja Hatori

Ninja Hatori, the agile and stealthy ninja, is a fun character to portray. Wear a blue ninja outfit with a face mask covering the nose and mouth.

Add a red belt around the waist and ninja boots. Style your hair or wear a wig with Hatori’s distinctive spiked hairstyle. Carry toy ninja weapons like shurikens or a ninja sword for added effect.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo’s look is all about confidence and style. Wear a black muscle shirt with blue jeans and black shoes.

Style your hair or wear a wig with Johny’s signature pompadour hairstyle. Add black sunglasses and a big belt buckle for flair. Don’t forget Johny’s confident swagger and catchphrases for extra fun.

The Last Airbender

Recently going viral, The Last Airbender is another favorite for the kids.

To become the Last Airbender, wear a yellow and orange tunic over brown pants. Add blue tattoos on your arms and a bald cap or wig with an arrow on the forehead.

Carry a toy staff as a prop and practice Airbending moves for authenticity. Optional accessories include an Air Nomad pendant and a glider backpack for added flair.

12 Female Cartoon Character Costume Ideas


Moana is the fearless Polynesian heroine from Disney’s animated film. She goes on a daring journey across the ocean to save her island and discover her true identity. Her outfit can be the coolest DIY Cartoon character costume ideas for females.

Moana cartoon and his costume

Embrace her island style with a vibrant red crop top, matching skirt, brown sash, and pendant necklace. Complete the look with flowing brown hair and bare feet, capturing Moana’s adventurous spirit.

Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, are pint-sized superheroes with unique personalities and powers. Blossom, the leader, is intelligent and analytical; Bubbles is sweet and sensitive, while Buttercup is tough and tomboyish.

Powerpuff Girls costume ideas

To dress as the Powerpuff Girls, wear a colored dress matching the respective character (pink for Blossom, blue for Bubbles, and green for Buttercup), along with white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes.

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Addams is the macabre and morbid daughter of the Addams Family. She is known for her dark sense of humor and deadpan delivery. You can easily make her an identical outfit for your cartoon costume.

Wednesdays Adams cosplay

To channel her iconic look, wear a black dress with a white collar and cuffs. Style your hair in two braids or a center part with straight hair. Add black tights and black Mary Jane shoes to complete the outfit. For an extra touch, carry around a creepy doll or a book of spells as props.

Elsa, The Snow Queen

Elsa, the Snow Queen from Disney’s “Frozen,” is a powerful and enigmatic character with the ability to control ice and snow.

Elsa, The Snow Queen cosplay costume

To embody her majestic presence, wear a stunning ice-blue gown with intricate snowflake details. Style your hair in a loose braid or flowing waves, adorned with shimmering hair accessories reminiscent of frost. Add icy makeup with shades of blue and silver to complete the look.


Elastigirl, also known as Helen Parr from Pixar’s “The Incredibles,” is a resilient and resourceful superhero with the power of elasticity. Her identical skin-tight outfit can be hard to make but one can look hot in an Elastigirl costume.

Elastigirl cosplay cartoon character

To transform into Elastigirl, wear a sleek red bodysuit with black accents, mimicking her iconic superhero costume. Style your hair in a long bob or ponytail, and add a black eye mask for mystery. Embrace her dynamic persona and strike powerful poses, showcasing her strength and agility.

Dora the Explorer (from Dora the Explorer)

Dora the Explorer is the adventurous and bilingual protagonist of the beloved children’s show. Her outfit could be one of the easy-to-make cartoon costume ideas.

Dora the Explorer (from Dora the Explorer)

To dress as Dora, wear a pink or orange t-shirt paired with purple shorts and white sneakers. Add a bright orange backpack and a toy map or compass as props. Style your hair in short, bobbed bangs with a pink or orange headband.


Sylvester, the clever yet unsuccessful cat from Looney Tunes, is a classic 90s cartoon character.

To dress as Sylvester costume, wear a black bodysuit or shirt with matching pants. Add white gloves, a white belly patch, and a red bow tie. Craft Sylvester’s pointy ears and red nose using black and white felt attached to a headband.

Wilma Flintstone

Wilma Flintstone, the iconic Stone Age housewife from “The Flintstones,” is a nostalgic favorite. To dress as Wilma, wear a white one-shoulder dress with a jagged hemline.

Wilma Flintstone

Add a chunky white necklace and white or orange sandals. Style your hair in Wilma’s signature red-orange bob with a bone hair accessory.

Raven (Teen Titans)

Raven, the mysterious and powerful empath from “Teen Titans,” is a complex cartoon character. You can try her costume ideas to make a noticeable appearance at a party.

To dress as Raven, wear a dark blue or black cloak with a hood. Add a black leotard or bodysuit underneath. Style your hair in a straight, shoulder-length cut with a purple or black headband. Optionally, carry a spellbook or a glowing crystal ball as props.


Jasmine is the spirited princess from Disney’s “Aladdin”. She is known for her beauty. Many cosplayers have already tried Jasmine’s look so far.

To dress as Jasmine, wear a turquoise harem pantsuit with gold accents. Add a matching turquoise headband or tiara and gold earrings. Style your hair in a high ponytail or long braid with gold hair accessories. Carry a magic lamp or a plush Rajah as props, embodying Jasmine’s adventurous spirit and royal elegance.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil, the glamorous yet villainous character from “101 Dalmatians,” is an iconic figure.

To dress as Cruella, wear a black and white fur coat or cape paired with a black dress. Add red gloves, a cigarette holder, and a faux fur stole. Style your hair in a half-black, half-white wig or use temporary hair dye for a bold look.


Maleficent, the dark and powerful fairy from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty,” is a captivating character. To dress as Maleficent, wear a black gown with dramatic sleeves and a high collar.

\Add a black cloak or cape with bat-like wings attached. Style your hair in a sleek black updo or wear a black horned headpiece. Optionally, carry a staff or a toy raven as props.

Dressing up as your favorite cartoon character is a fun and exciting way to unleash your creativity and express your personality. Whether you’re channeling the bravery of superheroes like Supergirl, Batman, and Elastigirl, or embracing the elegance of Disney princesses like Jasmine and Elsa, there’s a costume idea out there for everyone.

With a little imagination and these DIY cartoon costume ideas, you can bring these beloved characters to life and make unforgettable memories at any costume party or event.

I hope you like this. Share your other favorite cartoons in the comments and Visit Costum PlayHub for more.

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