Synthetic Wig or Human Hair Wig

Synthetic Wigs vs. Human Hair: Differences, Pros, and Cons

Synthetic Wigs or Human Hair Wigs? Choosing the right one for Cosplay can be a complicated topic for those who have never used a wig before. But here is a quick tip- Synthetic wigs can hold their shape and style for a long time even after washing which is good for some cosplays.

For example, when you are playing Supergirl, Goku, Naruto, etc, you should opt for synthetic ones that are specifically made with the style and shape.

Lots of cosplay costumes require wigs. If you’re trying to pick between synthetic wigs and natural human hair wigs, you’re in luck.

Today, I’ll explain the good and bad sides of both types.

Synthetic Wigs Vs. Human Hair Wig: Differences, Pros and Cons

Let’s get started with the Differences between Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair and their pros and cons.

“Choosing between synthetic and human hair wigs ultimately depends on your budget, desired look, and maintenance preferences.”


Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs are crafted from man-made fibers, typically polyester, acrylic, or a blend of synthetic materials. Usually, they’re cheap, less durable, and more available in diffrent color and styles.

different types of Synthetic Wigs for anime character in display

These wigs have gained immense popularity in the cosplay community for many reasons and one I have mentioned earlier.

Here are some more-



Synthetic wigs are generally more budget-friendly than their human hair wigs. It is more available and easy to purchase. Apart from that, there is a broader range of these wigs specially made for cosplayers and characters.

You can find these wigs at a price ranging between 5$-10$ for each.

Color Variety:

These wigs come in an extensive array of colors and styles. You can find them for every cartoon character or superhero specially crafted for costumes and cosplays. It allows cosplayers to easily find a wig that matches the specific look of their chosen character.

Low Maintenance:

Synthetic wigs need very little styling and maintenance. They keep their shape and color even if you wear them many times, which is great for cosplayers who want something easy to take care of.

In the cosplay section, you might not find such an easy-to-handle feature with human hair unless you put a lot of gel and styling materials into it.


You can find these wigs often come pre-styled, which can be beneficial for cosplayers aiming to replicate intricate or fantasy hairstyles without the need for extensive styling skills.


Among all these positive features, Synthetic wigs do have negative sides-

Heat Sensitivity:

Synthetic fibers can be damaged by high temperatures. It limits style options. Heat-styling tools such as curling irons or straighteners should be avoided unless the wig is explicitly labeled as heat-resistant.


While synthetic wigs are more like playthings. If you wear it for a quick event and then carefully keep it in the wardrobe then it will last long. However, these wigs are not for regular use. Friction and tangling can make synthetic fibers lose their shine as time goes on.

Some high-quality synthetic hair can be used regularly but still only last for 6 months max.

Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs are crafted from natural hair sourced from donors, providing a more natural look and feel.

human hair wig and synthetic wig comparison

Opting for natural wigs can cost high but it depends on your situation. For a more realistic look, regular use, and comfort, people often go for natural wigs.

Besides having positive sides, it also has got some negative sides too. Here are some important factors to take a look at while going for human hair wigs.


Realistic Look and Feel:

Human hair wigs provide the most natural appearance. It mimics the texture and movement of real hair.

They offer unmatched versatility in styling, allowing cosplayers to achieve precise looks with ease.


Natural wigs can last as long as 3 years.(

With proper care, you can regularly use it and style it however you want. It can be a worthwhile investment for dedicated cosplayers who frequent conventions and events.

Heat Styling

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can be styled with heat tools such as curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers.

You can use products, tools, and hair lock sprays to give it new shapes and sizes.


Apart from having distinctive positive sides, it also has some cons like a high price, high maintenance, etc.


These wigs are typically more expensive than synthetic wigs. It is because of its rarity and due to the higher quality of materials.

These wigs are also made with high-quality craftsmanship making them more durable with high-quality sterilized materials safe for human skin.

They usually price between 300$-500$ for one wig.


Apart from styling costs, Human hair wigs require regular washing, conditioning, and styling to maintain their appearance and texture.

Like real human hair, you can also get professional styling services for complex hairstyles and smooth hair texture.

Color Fading:

Because these wigs don’t get regular nutrients from the human body, they may experience color fading over time due to regular use and washing. You have to do color touch-ups to maintain its silky-smooth color.

What to Choose for Cosplay?

It completely depends on you when opting for a Cosplay wig. It can be a synthetic wig for some quick hairstyle change at the pop party, cosplays, or outings with friends. Premade styles are available in an affordable price range for this kind of wig.

Otherwise, you can go for natural wigs that can do all of that but with a higher cost for everything like styling, maintenance, etc. Human hair wigs are more compatible for some real unique cosplay in the once-in-a-year event, or a big party where you want to look the best.

My Opinion

In my view, opting for synthetic wigs is advantageous for cosplays. With hundreds of different hairstyles for various characters, it’s impractical to achieve all styles with just one wig. Therefore, purchasing an affordable synthetic wig that precisely resembles our character’s hairstyle is a smart choice.

Conclusion: In the world of cosplay, choosing the right wig material is crucial for achieving an authentic and visually stunning portrayal of your favorite characters. Whether you opt for the affordability and convenience of synthetic wigs or the realism and versatility of human hair wigs, understanding the differences between these materials will help you make an informed decision that suits your cosplay needs and preferences.

Ultimately, both synthetic and natural wigs offer unique advantages, allowing cosplayers to bring their beloved characters to life with creativity and flair.

I hope you liked this article on Synthetic Wig vs Human hair, Share them and let them learn the differences. Also, visit Costume PlayHub for more.

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