Mascot performer's guide and tips

Professional Mascot Performer Guide and Tips

Training is the key. To become a great mascot performer who never fails to entertain people, one needs to understand the art and train well to master that art. In this comprehensive guide, let’s go through every aspect of becoming a good mascot performer.

Mascot Performing is not a child’s play. A lot of key factors are covered in a mascot performance that leads to a great deal of entertainment. 


“The best mascots don’t just entertain; they leave a lasting impression that resonates long after the performance ends.”

A Mascot Performer said-

Whether it is for a small house party, sports team, or a college event, If you have decided to perform as a mascot, you have come to the right place. [Check budget-friendly mascot costumes for sale here.]

As a source of Costume Play, we will give you the best guide, tips, and knowledge to be a mascot performer who shares the utmost entertainment with the audience.

What Makes You a Great Mascot Performer?

A cute mascot enjoying its performance that how to be a mascot performer
what makes you a good mascot performer?

Mastering the art of being in a costume and being able to communicate with people effectively is what a mascot performer needs to learn and perfect.

Learn things like waving, laughing, flying kisses, and other signs that will come in handy while performing as a mascot. One can not give you all the sign ideas but you can surely study the character to learn the special sign of that character. Here are some more common gestures to learn to be a mascot performer-

so cute gesture by an actor
  • Awww
  • I like that
  • I love you
  • It Xuks
  • Booo
  • Hugging
  • Laughing
  • Greetings
  • Short dance moves
  • Crying, Etc.

Training is paramount. Mastering hand signs, body language, dance moves, and adapting to costumes requires dedicated practice over time. Patience is essential as you hone these skills, allowing you to eventually perform with ease.

Also, practice is essential. Mastery of an art or performance doesn’t happen overnight. No matter how diligently you rehearse, there’s always a chance of making mistakes in front of an audience. 

Therefore, why not perform in front of others? Take opportunities to showcase your skills at small gatherings and parties. Put into practice what you’ve trained and learned, refining your abilities through real-world experience.

“Behind the mask lies the magic of bringing joy to others.”

Costume PlayHub

Always be in a good mood. Remember your costume is always smiling to people. So, to make the best out of your performance, you need to smile and love everyone from inside the costume too. 

All these factors can make you perfect in your mascot performing art. But there is more to it. Before you start your training, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind as a mascot performer.

How to Be a Good Mascot Performer for Any Event

“Being a mascot is more than wearing a costume; it’s about becoming a character and creating moments of pure delight.”

So, start by selecting the right mascot costume or character. Your choice should align with the audience you’ll be entertaining and the purpose of your performance. Consider factors such as the event theme, audience demographics, and the character’s ability to engage and entertain.

As for me, a Teddy Bear Mascot Costume would be great for local parties or small events.

Once you’ve chosen your mascot character, it’s essential to master its signature moves and mannerisms to bring it to life effectively. Study videos or images of the character in action to understand its typical gestures, expressions, and movements.

After that follow these secret tips and tricks to be a mascot performer.

Pro Tips and Tricks to Be a Mascot Performer

When performing as a mascot, preparing for spontaneous moments is crucial. Take the time to analyze each performance and discover the small but effective tricks that captivate your audience. Go through these common Mascot Performer Tips and Tricks to elevate your skills.

Make Thrifty Appearance

Changing in public can potentially tarnish the perception and interest. It’s crucial never to change in public areas. Instead, utilize designated secret spaces or special mascot rooms for all costume changes and adjustments.

A Hero Should Be Nice and Polite

Always be nice to everyone. As a mascot, people look up to you like a hero. You might grab attention just by walking around. But, don’t be mean to people who might treat you like a toy. Stay calm and try to solve any issues gently.

Stay true to your character. Take the time to understand your character thoroughly and strive to embody them whenever you’re in front of an audience.

Do not Talk, Use Hand Signs to Communicate

Maintain silence while performing as a mascot. Refraining from speaking with the audience is a key aspect of being a skilled mascot performer. Instead, focus on mastering a variety of hand signs, which not only enhances your professionalism but also effectively communicates with the audience.

Performance should Be Fun and Energetic

Be funny, energetic, and have the presence of mind for any situation.  Besides regular training and practiced moves, many other random situations can occur. So, always be confident and think you are the center of attention. Just be nice and do anything in a random situation.

Make Bigger Signs and Gestures

Exacurate your signs and moves. Newbies may show little signs but these small signs won’t be noticeable as the mascot is bigger than a human. So you have to make big signs and big moves to make people understand your performance.

Bring Smile to Random Faces

Approach people and bring smiles to their faces. Just go to someone and do a high five. It will make them smile and like you even more. Just like that do more random things to random people.

Study and Understand a Crowd

Have an understanding of the crowd and situation. Sometimes the crowd does not need the mascot. Too much of mascotting can bore people. So, let them enjoy their space and make an appearance when they need it. With this, you can also have small breaks to retrieve your energy back. Yes, mascotting requires a lot of energy, and that’s why you need to be an athletic person too.

“In the world of mascots, every step is a dance, every gesture a performance, and every smile a connection.”

Last but not least, you should remember that this is a performance. Just like any other performance, Mascotting also requires continuous performance in front of people. So, make regular movements while you are in the performance.

Personal Note for Mascot Performers

Exercise rigorously and stay fit. Mascot costumes are hefty; endurance is crucial. Conditioning your body over time ensures sustained energy for extended performances.

Learn how to put on and take off your costume properly. Each mascot suit is different and has its own way of being worn and removed. Practice until you can do it quickly and without making mistakes.

Learn to dance, or play a little play of the character. 

Be creative and do more with your mascotting.

Always learn from your every mascotting.

Additionally, Mascot costumes are so expensive. I would suggest you to learn to clean mascot costumes carefully to maintain their longevity.

Final Words:

Becoming a successful mascot performer requires more than just donning a costume – it’s an art form that demands dedication, skill, and creativity. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored every aspect of becoming a great mascot performer. From mastering movement to communicating without words. 

Through insider Mascot Performer tips and tricks, you can be a mascot performer that the crowd loves. 

I hope you liked this article. Share with your mascot performer friend and Visit Costume PlayHub for more cosplay tips and tricks.


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