supercool white hair characters for cosplay ideas

White Hair Cosplay Characters and Costume Ideas

Are you looking for white hair cosplay ideas?

In this article, we’ve curated 23 captivating white hair cosplay ideas that will ignite your creativity and inspire your next cosplay convention.

Many supercool anime heroes and villains have white silky hair.

From Zeus the God to Madara Uchiha the DemiGod, these characters with white or silver hairstyles can be one of your next white hair costume ideas.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a wig or natural hair, you can easily try these white hair cosplay ideas for your next con.

From timeless anime characters to enchanting fantasy personas, let’s explore and choose the best costume idea for you.

Explore 12 White Hair Cosplay Ideas for Men

Whether you are going to attend a convention or participate in a photo shoot, our list of white hair characters picked from Anime, Movies, and Games, will give you a variety of White Hair Cosplay ideas.

So, grab your wig, perfect your makeup skills, and get ready to transform into your favorite characters with these captivating cosplay with white hair.

12. Tengen Uzui (Demon Slayer)

Tengen Uzui cosplay with white hair

Tengen Uzui is a Demon Slayer character who often stays in discussion because of his eye-catching appearance and style.

His dashing white hair look, headwear, ornaments, sword, and black outfit are perfect to cosplay and get praise at a convention.

You can see the image of a cosplayer (I found on the Internet) recreated the look of Tengen Uzui that is looking just perfectly handsome.

How to make it? Well with a touch of face makeup, this Uzui Headband, and of course, a white hair wig you will be able to recreate the face look.

Other than that, you will need the hand accessories and the black outfit to perfectly replicate the Uzui character. You can also go with this ready-made Uzui Costume that comes at an affordable price. It is also available in all different sizes.

Lastly, the sword can be made of PVC pipe, you can watch the tutorials to make one but for a quick cosplay, you can of course get this Uzui Sword from Amazon.

11. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake cosplay with white hair

The famous Kakashi Hatake from Naruto with his iconic white hair and mysterious aura can be one of your next big white hair cosplay characters.

His calm behavior and smart look are the keys to becoming Kakashi. However, the costume is very important too. The more realistic it is, the more people are going to praise you for your cosplay.

Accessories like Kakashi Headbands and Hair wigs are the first items to collect. I have shared the links to Amazon, give it a look or you can of course make a DIY headband by using a piece of cloth and a steel plate.

For the costume, I would suggest making a matching blue shirt from your tailor, it will give a better vibe. The same goes with the pants. You will also need a long piece of white cloth to wrap it around your left leg.

Lastly, for the jacket, It will be much easier to buy this affordable Kakashi Jacket online because the tailor won’t be able to make it.

Additionally, study the character, learn some moves, and stay cool and smart like Kakashi for the character portrayal.

10. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo with white hair costume idea

What could be more perfect than Satoru Gojo’s iconic silver hair look to do a silver hair cosplay? He is already known not only for his power but also for his heavenly charming look.

Also, it will be much easier to cosplay as Satoru Gojo as he only wears nothing but a black outfit and a cloth piece to cover his eyes.

You can take a really thin see-through cloth to cover your eyes, otherwise, you have to paint your eyebrows white.

The outfit should be easy to make at home and then you can get this cool piece of White hair wig paired with black sunglasses from Amazon.

You can also check this Complete Satoru Gojo Cosplay Costume here.

9. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Silver hair cosplay with Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul has his complex character and iconic white hair. Kaneki’s white hair cosplay is always a hot topic. Meticulously styled white wig and his trademark eyepatch could be your work of art if you want to recreate Ken Kaneki.

You can see an example of the cosplay costume in the image but you can always go with your imagination. Get a matching black outfit and then the Ken Kaneki White hair wig. You will also need the amazing Ken Kaneki mask.

After collecting this stuff, learn the moves and signature styles of the character to go with the Ken Kaneki White hair cosplay perfectly. You can also get this full set of Ken Kaneki costumes without much effort.

Dress in his signature black outfit to complete the transformation into the enigmatic and tortured protagonist of Tokyo’s ghoul-filled world.

8. Jiraiya

Jiraiya long white hair cosplay costume

How can we forget Jiraiya who is a noticeable white hair character in Naruto? Unlike the above white hair cosplay ideas, Jiraya is different. His outfit and style can make you the most unique cosplayer in the crowd.

Jiraya is always running for beautiful girls and with this cosplay, you can too. Jokes apart! To cosplay as Jiraya, you will need this matching Hair wig and other accessories like a Headband, Wooden Cloth, and the Big Sage Scroll.

To make the scroll you can use foam clay or cloths, it should be easy to just fold everything and make it look like the big scroll. The scroll shouldn’t be that big unless you want it to be the same.

Jiraiya’s outfit is an easy one to make. However, you can get the Jiraiya Costume from Amazon.

7. Zeus: The King of Gods

Zeus and his cosplay costume

Zeus other than being a GOD himself, is a very popular movie character. His commanding presence, formidable power, and distinctive silver hair are a good one for the White hair cosplay ideas. Also, Zeus can be a character for Curly Hair Cosplay because of his hair locks.

Get a White hair wig that matches the look of Zeus and wear a golden outfit with a couple of ornaments on your waist and hand. Zeun has many looks, rather than following only these two images, go through Google images to find the perfect portrait to remake.

Or you can go with this Zeus Costume to effortlessly portray the character.

6. Goku Ultra Instinct

Silver hair costume idea with Goku Ultra Instinct

Goku’s ultra instinct is another good option for this list. Goku’s white hair look is pretty famous and you can also choose this as your cosplay costume for silver hair.

Another plus point is Goku’s costume is one of the easiest ones to make. All you need is the matching orange pants and shirt in Dragon Ball style. Lastly, the silver hair wig will complete the look.

5. Monkey D Luffy (Gear 5)

White hair cosplay with Monkey D Luffy (Gear 5)

Recently Mokey D. Luffy showed his Gear 5 look with a cloudy white hairstyle. This Pirate is one of the most popular anime characters, thus he also makes a great choice for white hair cosplay in this list.

You can see in the image, how the cosplayer replicated the same look of Luffy. With a little effort and creativity, you can also make this costume at home.

All you need is a white shirt that is well fitted to your body and white pants with the waist cloth. Lastly, the white hair wig will complete your look for Luffy Gear 5.

Also, you can get this effortless Luffy Gear 5 Costume for your cosplay.

4. Jūshirō Ukitake | Bleach

Jūshirō Ukitake cosplay costume

Jūshirō Ukitake from Bleach is known for his serene demeanor and distinctive hairstyle. Because of his major place in the Bleach and interesting character portrayal, he is as famous as other Bleach characters.

Going with his white hair costume will take a little more effort to cosplay because this character has some distinct look.

As a cosplayer, I would suggest making your own DIY Jushiro outfit with white and black clothes. If you don’t know how to sew, get help from a local tailor.

For the accessories, you can make a sword with PVC and get a long white hair wig from an online store.

3. Quicksilver – Marvel Comics

Quicksilver costume for silver hair

Quicksilver is a Marvel comic character that was also featured in Fantastic Four. This guide has stylish silver hair and the costume he wears can be a good cosplay idea for white hair or silver hair.

To cosplay as Quick Silver, you can use use temporary silver color on your hair and eyebrows. Apart from that, you can make Blue DIY costumes at home. With a little added effort and research, you will be able to make it just like the costume shown in the image.

I would suggest getting blue elastic clothes and making a full-body costume then painting the body’s signature marks with fabric. Then you can make some handwear with silver foam clay.

2. Obito Uchiha Final Form

Obito Uchiha Final Form

Obito Uchiha is one of the formidable villains in Naruto Shippuden. His powerful look with the stuff can be your perfect cosplay character. Cosplaying as Obito’s final form might give you the best cosplay prize in a convention.

To cosplay as Obito, you need some simple items like a white outfit like the one shown in the image. The matching white hair wig and the stuff.

To make the stuff, you can use PVC pipe and color it black to make it look the same. Apart from the costume, learning about his talking style, and moves will help too.

1. Madara after becoming Jichuuriki

Madara after becoming Jichuuriki and his cosplay character

Madara Uchiha after becoming a Jinchuriki gets a long white hair look which is called Demigod. Try his overwhelming power and transformation with his white hair cosplay costume.

Style a fierce silver wig, reflecting his enhanced abilities and formidable presence. Madara’s final DemiGod form is not something you can buy from an online store. It should be your DIY work to replicate the look. Use PVC pipe and foam Clay to make the headband and the stuff.

Then make the costume with White cloth and make the design with hand embroidery.

11 White Hair Cosplay Ideas for Female

2B – NieR: Automata

2B from NieR: Automata is one of the hot topics for cosplayers. Social media is full of this 2b cosplay. So with the trend, you can go with this white hair cosplay idea.

The whole outfit of 2B is just a work of art. You can study every detail for the cosplay costume and then try making it with detailing. Getting this matching hair wig would be a good idea to perfectly portray the character.

The complete 2B outfit is also available online.

Elsa from Frozen

Elsa Dress is all about looking the most beautiful one in the crowd. Her dress, her makeup, her iconic silver hair hair with locks, everything should be perfect.

You can see the image of the cosplayer. Her dazzling detailed costume perfectly portrays the Elsa look. You can get the Elsa Costume online or look for a matching outfit in the local shop.

Also, the white hair wig is available on Amazon which you can get at an affordable price.

Storm from X Men

Strom from X-Men has good popularity for her past appearance. Dressing up as Storm could be a challenge but her superhero costume could be your perfect white hair cosplay idea.

You can get the idea of how the cosplayer made the Strom outfit. It is perfectly replicating the character. You can either make it or get the same costume from Here.

Princess Yue from Avatar

Recently after the successful Avatar series, how we can forget about Princess Yue? Her amazing silver hair appearance could be the best white hair Cosplay idea.

It may be hard to make such a complicated costume but every challenge is for the better cosplaying is good right?

So, go ahead and prepare your costume with your creativity. You can also get this lock-hair Yue wig at an affordable price.

Beelzebub | Helltaker

How can Beelzebub be out of the list? Her curvy hot body, red outfit, white horns, and of course white hair is perfect for this cosplay.

With her demonic charm silver hair and mischievous smile, your cosplay is going to be perfect. So, you only need to make the red dress and get the matching wig. The wig is not available on Amazing but you can this simple white wig and design it.

Queen Daenerys Targaryen

The Queen Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones has the most beautiful outfit with long white hair. Try her costume by embodying her regal grace with silver hair flowing like Dragonfire.

Her outfit is pretty much like a normal dress but with with kingly vibe. So work on the iconic outfit concept with all the detailing. Also, get this white hair with locks that perfectly look like her hairstyle.

You can also go with this ready-made Queen Daenerys Targaryen Outfit on Amazon.

Mother Spider from Demon Slayer

Mother Spider from Demon Slayer is an iconic female anime character that often stays in discussion among the fans. If you are an anime lover then you would love this character walking alive in a convention.

She also has a scary white hairstyle with a simple costume but her scary look is what is most important for the character’s potrayal. You have to do some makeup to look like this female character.

Then you can get a wig and the long white gown to complete the Mother Spider look. Also, you can get this full Mother Spider Costume set at an affordable price range.

Yamato (One Piece)

Yamato is the cute female character from One Piece. Transform into Yamato with her white hair look. To recreate a costume like Yamato, you will need quite a few things in hand.

First of all get the dress ready from a tailor or go with this full set of Yamato Costumes.

Additionally, you can make the stuff and red horn with foam clay easily. But a quick ready-made set of Yamato accessories is also available to purchase.

White Rabbit – DC Comics

Try White Rabbit from DC Comics cosplay with a white-hair costume. Channel her enigmatic allure with a striking look.

Craft a captivating white wig styled in sleek elegance, reflecting her sophisticated demeanor. Don her iconic white rabbit-themed costume, complete with ears and tail, and embrace the whimsical world of Gotham City.

Felicia Hardy – Marvel Comics

Embrace the persona of Felicia Hardy from Marvel Comics with her signature silver hair and feline elegance. Fashion a sophisticated silver wig with chic waves to emulate her captivating allure.

Slip into her sleek black catsuit and embody the cunning and agility of the Black Cat as you navigate the streets of New York City.

Emilia | Re:Zero

Step into the role of Emilia from Re:Zero, captivating with her ethereal beauty and flowing silver hair. Fashion a striking silver wig styled in gentle waves to reflect her enchanting aura.

Embrace her resilience and grace as you don her elegant purple and white outfit.

In summary, here are the 23 white hair cosplay ideas for you.

So, this was our complete journey through our curated list of 23 white hair cosplay ideas for males and females.

We have listed 12 cosplay ideas for white-haired males and then listed 11 female white-hair cosplay ideas differently to give you the ease of exploring your perfect white-hair cosplay.

I hope you liked this post. Share with your friends, and Comment if you have a white hair costume idea in mind.

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