top Indian cosplayers to follow in 2024

10 Indian Cosplayers to Follow in 2024

For your inspiration, here are the 10 Indian Cosplayers you can follow and get cosplay tips in 2024.

Cosplaying in India is not a new thing. Many cities in India hold cosplay conventions every year and passionate artists visit, take part, and showcase their work at these conventions.

Like other countries, even we have amazing cosplay artists in India, and today in this blog, I will give you this list of the Top 10 Indian Cosplayers and their social media accounts.

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Unveiling India’s Finest Cosplay Artists: 10 Indian Cosplayers

From self-created costumes to playing genderless characters from comics, movies, and games, these cosplay artists are very good at their work. They make DIY Costumes and perform at conventions. So, if you are a newbie cosplayer, then these cosplayers should be on your following list.

The Red Comet

Meet The Red Comet. This guy is like a big-time cosplay artist and a standout figure in the Indian cosplay community. This talented artist is the center of attention for the cosplayers in every comic con event he attends because he is the winner of the Indian Champion of Cosplay 2018-19,

The Red Comet Indian Cosplayer

The Red Comet is an experienced DIY crafting specialist and for his expertise in crafting self-created costumes, his Instagram is worth following for newbie cosplayers.

He just loves making eye-catching, big, and very realistic costumes is his self-satisfaction, I guess! So if you want to see some Indian cosplay creations that are nothing like others.

For more of his content, you can follow his Instagram.

Dr. T/Syrinx Cosplay

Dr. T/Syrinx Cosplay is another notable part-time Indian Cosplayer but her creations are pretty impressive. This talented artist is equipped with creativity and limitless imagination that led her to follow her passion by making amazing recreations of iconic characters from video games and anime.

Dr. T/Syrinx Cosplay

As for me, some of her best creations are Xinyan, Viper from Valorant, and the Elderwood Ahri. Her DIY costumes can motivate new cosplayers. So, if you are new then keep her in your Instagram follow list.

The Scythe / Surya Sreenivasan

Introducing The Scythe, also known as Surya Sreenivasan. He is one of the few Indian cosplayers who doesn’t know a limit to cosplaying. His talent, creativity, and passion for cosplay are on the next level.

The Scythe / Surya Sreenivasan cosplay artist from India

An Indian cosplay artist who creates amazing stuff. If you check out his Instagram, you’ll see his impressive artwork. He’s really good at making his own costumes and props from scratch.

Some of his coolest cosplays include Nargacuga, Kratos, and characters from Valorant. Plus, he often shares his awesome foam clay props on Instagram. The Scythe is definitely someone to watch in the cosplay scene!


Meet PurplePaw. She is an exceptional female cosplayer and artist making waves in India’s cosplay scene. Her portrayal of Sage is likely getting all the attention on Instagram.

PurplePaw female cosplayer from India

Beyond her Sage cosplay, PurplePaw is an inspiration to many. With her remarkable DIY creations and Cosplay makeup, she is a notable cosplayer on this list.

You can check her other cosplays like World of Warcraft, and Maeve.


Braxii is an Indian cosplayer whose dedication shines through her work. Her works showcased on her Instagram profile reveal her passion for cosplay. So far she has tried stunning portrayals such as Killjoy, Kaizoku, and Nezuko. Not to mention her DIY props are an addition to her creations. Despite being a part-time artist, her talent is worth following and learning tips for newbie Indian Cosplayers.

Braxii cosplay girl in India

Braxii’s love for anime is nothing like others and you can say that by looking at her Insta profile as she frequently shares anime memes on her Instagram.

Her commitment to her craft, coupled with her enthusiasm for anime, makes her a standout figure in the Indian cosplay community.

Nivedita/ BluCheeseCake

Allow me to introduce you to Nivedita, also known as BlucheeseCake. She is a charming Indian cosplayer whose sweetness is as delightful as her namesake.

Nivedita/ Blue Cheese Cake cosplayer

With her young passion for cosplay, Nivedita shares her adorable cosplay creations on her Instagram. She creates her DIY costumes with minimalistic items and in a very realistic way.

As for me some of Nivedita’s best cosplays are Anya Forger, Zenitsu, and Deidara. When cosplaying, this girl knows no gender boundness.

Zara Rebello/ Purpleshrimp

One of my favorites from this list, Zara Rebello specializes in recreating characters from video games. Her bold and sexy recreations bring an extra shine to the character she plays while collecting all the attention in a crowdy cosplay convention.

Zara Rebello/ Purpleshrimp Indian cosplayer

Famously known as the Purpleshrimp on Instagram, she is an exceptional cosplay artist hailing from India. With her actively performing in cosplays making DIY props and sharing on social media, Zara’s work serves as a source of inspiration for many aspiring cosplayers.

Some of her notable cosplays are Killjoy, Malenia from Blade of Miquella, Calamity from Fortnite, Jet, and Ryna

Rajat Jadhav/ The Foam Bender

Meet Rajat Jadhav or you can call him Foam Bender because his especiallity in foam creations is on a new level. If you want to learn to make amazing swords, masks, and armor out of foam clay then following this guy will be a smart decision.

Rajat Jadhav/ The Foam Bender

Despite not being a passionate cosplayer, Rajat’s talent and creativity shine through his noteworthy cosplays. So far, he has played Dante, Vegeta, and the iconic Tanjiro from Demon Slayer.

His portrayals are truly worth watching. For aspiring cosplayers, Rajat serves as an inspiration, showcasing the possibilities of creativity.

Roshini Sekar/ Artsy Akari

Roshini Sekar, also known as Artsy Akari is a passionate Indian cosplayer who breathes life into her characters with flair. She specializes in creating DIY costume clothes, and amazing makeup that make her look exactly like the fantasy characters.

Roshini Sekar/ Artsy Akari

She has performed as Avatar, Saber Alter, and Mad Hatter, Grinch, etc. Miss Sekar is those who are always up for new challenges to bring her new imagination to life.

Ankita Kemkar

Our final cosplayer is Ankita Kemkar who is an Indian cosplayer bringing light to cosplay culture with her withstanding creativity and amazing character creations. As a young enthusiast and DIY artist, Ankita’s ingenuity shines through her creations, often utilizing minimalistic items and repurposed materials to craft stunning cosplay costumes.

Ankita Kemkar

Her budget-friendly cosplay ideas serve as a guiding light for newcomers finding a way into the world of cosplay. Beyond her resourcefulness, Ankita loves to cosplay as Jett from Valorant, Hiyori from Bleach, and Kitana from MKombat.

Ankita’s portrayals are impressive enough to get noticed by the newcomers coming to this field. So, be sure to check out her foam clay art showcased on her account and follow her for more.

This was our journey to exploring the top 10 Indian cosplayers in 2024. There are actually many more out there who also are the best. With the growing community, more enthusiasts are joining, and many to come.

Currently, we have the Red Cornet as the Ironman, Nivedita as Cute Hinata, and the PurpleShrimp as the gamer girl emerging in our Desi cosplay community.

As we look to the future, let us continue to support and uplift one another, inspiring the next generation of cosplayers to dream big and reach for the stars. After all, in the world of cosplay, the only limit is your imagination.

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