Shirts and Lederhosen Combinations: Choosing the Right Traditional Shirt for Lederhosen

The Oktoberfest story is incomplete without its protagonist, the traditional Bavarian Lederhosen. This garb is the flagbearer of Bavarian traditions, narrating its rich history with its durable leather fabric, alpine-inspired embroidery, and region-specific design. These leather breeches need a perfect checkered or plain shirt to complement your Oktoberfest look. 

Bavarian trachten shirts are crafted from cotton or silk fabric, keeping the tracht breathable and comfortable. Available in multiple colors and designs, these Bavarian costume shirts need proper styling combinations, which not only touch down the Bavarian traditions but also connect to modern styles.

This guide provides insights into different styling options that perfectly complement your traditional attire. 

Trachten Shirts: A Mandatory Lederhosen Accessory

Lederhosen men’s costume is worn under plain white or checkered shirts in folded or full-sleeve variants. These trachten shirts for men are adorned in different combinations with leather pants, adding elegance to the wearer’s look. The cotton or linen fabric is not only a stylish addition, but it also offers comfort, breathability, and ease during the lively festivities of Wiesn. With so many options on shirt windows, can every checkered shirt be added to traditional Bavarian attire? The answer is Absolutely Not! 

Lederhosen shirts for men have specific design elements that distinguish them from ordinary checked or plain shirts. Let’s find the secret design barcodes on Bavarian trachten shirts!

  • Fabric Used

Tracht shirts are crafted from premium fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. These fabrics are super comfy, durable with extra care, and washable. The light material increases the grab’s functionality during the crazy Oktoberfest ambiance. 

  • Plain white or Checkered Patterns

Traditionally, only plain white shirts were worn under leather suspenders. However, checkered shirts with green, red, or blue patterns are also preferred. The checkered patterns usually have small or medium squares dyed in the desired color shade. The Plain Lederhosen shirts are commonly adorned in formal Oktoberfest events, while checkered shirts for men are teenagers’ favorites, given their casual feel.

  • Collar Styles

Bavarian shirts come in a variety of collar styles. The stand-up (Band) collar, upright with no flaps, is the most common among Pfoad shirts. Other collar options include:

  • Kent Collar: classic spread collar with pointed tips.
  • Wingtip Collar: Formal wing-like tips facing downward.
  • Button-Down Collar: casual style collar with small buttons that fasten collar tips to the shirt.
  • Tab Collar: A traditional style with a tab that fastens the collar tips together, making a rounded collar.
  • Functional Cuffs and Sleeves

Lederhosen shirts are typically long-sleeved, though often rolled up for comfort during the fest. A specialized horn-made button holds the folded sleeve around the biceps. Cuffs are cotton-made, usually with two buttons, allowing wearers to adjust the tightness for style and comfort. Some shirts have embroidered cuffs and a thin-braided sleeve featuring Bavarian motifs.

  • Bavarian Embroidery

Traditional male shirts have Bavarian minimalist detailing on the front placket and rarely on sleeves and cuffs. The embroidery usually uses threadwork in vintage brown and light gold colors. Traditional Bavarian motifs, such as the mighty stag or floral detailing, are sometimes added for a casual look. Not only does the threadwork elevate the traditional essence of Bavarian attire, but it also promotes regional craftsmanship.

  • Horn-made or Metal Buttons

Another traditional feature of Bavarian tracht shirts is the specially designed horn-made or metallic buttons, usually in light or dark brown colors, matching the leather pants suspenders worn. These buttons are usually sewn on the placket, collar tips, cuffs, sleeves, and one chest pocket (in the same color and shape). 

  • Button-Held Chest pocket

Oktoberfest shirts for men feature a special chest pocket (usually on the left side). The pocket is usually guarded by a flap or tiny lace fastened to the button on the pocket. The pocket gives a casual look to the wearer.  

  • Standard or Concealed Placket

The placket is the extra strip of fabric sewn into the front opening of the shirt, where one fabric layer has buttons while the other has buttonholes. Trachten shirts usually feature standard plackets, where an extra fabric strip is sewn down the front center of the shirt. Some traditional shirts also have concealed or fly plackets. Buttons are usually hidden under an extra fabric strip, giving the trachten a more formal or sleek look.

Completing Your Oktoberfest Costume: Pairing Shirt with Lederhosen

A perfect Wiesn outfit needs expertly pairing a traditional men’s shirt with your leather breeches. Choosing the fitting shirt involves carefully selecting fabric and the right color, customizing the size and fit, and looking for embroidery patterns and the perfect collar style. Whether you choose a classic brown or gray Lederhosen, look for a traditional shirt that complements its color and design. Customize your buttons with the color of your pants and Bavarian shoes for a decent style. 

If you want a traditional Bavarian style, look for a Pfoad or embroidered trachten shirt. These are usually plain white shirts with band collars and Bavarian threadwork on the placket, showcasing intricate motifs inspired by Bavarian folklore and nature. Try the checkered red, green, or blue shirt with leather shorts for a casual Oktoberfest look. Ensure the sleeves are wrapped up, adding comfort and flexibility to your outfit. Tuck in your tracht shirt neatly and ensure the placket lines the front flap of leather shirts or the belt buckle.

Trending Lederhosen Shirts: Complementing Bavarian Traditions in the Modern Way

Are you unsure what to wear with your Lederhosen this Oktoberfest? Well, we have you covered. We have shortlisted some of the most trendy trachten shirts and leather pants combinations that not only authenticate your Wiesn outfit but also have a modern twist. 

Blend Moon White Embroidered Trachten Shirt

The super elegant and embroidered white shirt is trending among Oktoberfest enthusiasts today. Bavarian embroidery adds a traditional flair to the costume. The light-colored shirt can be well-contrasted with dark vintage brown pants, complementing your festive look perfectly. 

Check Mate & Blue Blaze Small Checkered Shirt

If you wear the charming blue checkered shirt with light brown or grayish leather shorts, congrats, you have cracked the modern Oktoberfest look. The flattering cuts with a contemporary twist make this Bavarian costume shirt a perfect choice for Gen-Zs with its timeless chic look. Adding a gray Bavarian hat would be icing on the cake!

Slim Light Green Checkered Shirt

For an Oktoberfest hike, wear dark brown or black Lederhosen under the light green checkered shirt. The checkered patterns and French front (minimalistic folded fabric strips) add a revamped style to your Oktoberfest costume. Adding a light green braided loferl under leather shorts would be an extra treat!

White Wonder Embroidered Shirt

A prime choice for formal occasions like wiesn parades, the white wonder embroidered shirt is trending with its minimalistic plackets and contrasting light brown horn buttons. The wingtip collars and the light color palette affix cultural elegance to the attire if worn with authentic light brown leather pants. Including a waistcoat matching the pants’ color would be a cherry on top!

Small Checkered Lederhosen Shirt in Dark Red

For a brighter Bavarian look, try a dark red checkered shirt with a black Lederhosen. The striking combination is a trendy adaptation that adds a modern perk to the Lederhosen outfit and that too without compromising the traditional essence of the tracht. Add a black Bavarian hat as a gravy on top!

Slim Fit Shirt in Moon White

This option is perfect for teenagers who want a traditional Bavarian look for Oktoberfest. The slim moon white shirt perfectly combines light brown or grayish Lederhosen. The neat cotton-made shirt comes in band collars and a French front with a simple standard placket. It also goes perfectly with dark brown embroidered Lederhosen. Adding a charivari chain to the bib and wearing an authentic haferl would be an extra bonus!

Modern T-shirts with Bavarian Traditional Motifs

Not all millennials want a formal Lederhosen look at Wiesn. Modern T-shirts with printed Bavarian Stag motifs not only flatter your casual look but also keep you in the Alpine spirit. Often referred with embroidered leather shorts, these shirts can also be adorned with Bundhosen (a long Lederhosen variant). The soft fabric and super airy designs make these shirts perfect for warmer Oktoberfest in September. If you want a T-shirt with leather pants, just don’t wear suspenders. Instead, try a Tyrolean hat hovering over your head with Bavarian history!


When deciding on your Oktoberfest costume, ensure the overall look remains cohesive. Balance bold checkered patterns with neutral Lederhosen elements, and keep the color palette complementary. Don’t be afraid to accessorize! A statement belt, a colorful hat with a feather, or patterned socks can add personality to your outfit.

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