Several reasons behind Nimonik’s ability to provide the best EHS compliance solutions

Environmental, Health, and Safety factors are the 3 main factors that must be fulfilled by every company in the modern era, considering the increasing number of demands from society and non-profit organizations regarding the responsibility of every company in ensuring that its activities do not harm the environment and the people in it.

New laws have been created and followed by new standards which all manifest in the obligation of companies (in the area or country to which they are forced to comply) to comply with them. Unfortunately, the process of complying with every law and industry standard can be very complicated and time-consuming. That doesn’t take into account the errors that can occur, due to the large amount of data involved. For information, a company in the United States must at least comply with hundreds of items of obligation where the violation of any of them can cause the company concerned to receive serious consequences and are not at all pleasant.

The process of management and audit of so many items of liability is difficult to do manually because it has the potential to generate unnecessary errors. Therefore a software-based solution needs to be presented. The software-based EHS solution enables every company not to miss out on applicable liability items and adapt them to each of its operational activities.

There are so many EHS compliance software products but which one is worth choosing?

With just a few clicks on Google and other search engines, you can easily find lots of EHS compliance solutions. Unfortunately, not all of them are completely reliable. There are many reasons why some software cannot be relied upon in the EHS liability management and audit process. One of them is the limited data they have, causing them to dwell too much on old data that cannot be used anymore.

We recommend Nimonik!

We have tried more than a dozen EHS compliance software and after months of comparing several aspects, we have come to the conclusion that Nimonik inc. is the best. Nimonik is a compliance management software development company that has been operating for a long time. Since 2016 to be precise. So far, many well-known companies have used Nimonik’s compliance management services. Some of them are Boeing, Coca-Cola, Bayer, Caterpillar, Continental, and Adidas.

Of course, we have our reasons and here are them:

– Nimonik provides EHS compliance software integrated with all applicable regulations, laws, codes, and standards. You can select the area in which your company operates and let the software show you the relevant liability items. Nimonik handles a wide range of regulations covering various industry niches. 40 thousand industry standards, 400 thousand regulations, and audit checklists on more than 2 thousand standards and best practices can describe how reliable this company is.

– Thousands of free audit templates that you can freely use and submit to different departments of your company. You don’t have to go through the trouble of creating your own audit template because you have so many choices. All you need to do is input your company’s technical data and let the system process and adjust them to the applicable liability items.

– Very easy operation and can even be done offline. Even though you are in a remote place that is not covered by an Internet network, you can still carry out the audit process without a hitch.

– Adaptive system to change. Nimonik is always adaptive to changes in external liability items so you don’t have to worry that you will miss the latest regulations. All information about the slightest updates or changes will be delivered via email and mobile. You will never miss information.

Finally, compliance solutions with internal and external obligations can keep the company on the desired track and that can be realized with the help of Nimonik.

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