Amazing Princess characters and cosplay ideas

Princess Cosplay and Costume Ideas for Halloween

Whether it is a Comic-con or a fancy dress competition, princess themed cosplay is always a top choice for girls. If you are also interested in Princess then explore the top iconic princess costume ideas in this blog.

In the world of Entertainment, we have lots of Princess characters that are famous in all over the world. Their amazing story and iconic look are what make us fall in love with’em.

Especially girls are always excited to dress up as princesses.

If you are also one of such girls then today we have these amazing Princess Cosplay Ideas and their costume concepts waiting for you.

So let’s find out which Pricess costume impresses you and makes you more excited for the next Pricess fancy dress competition or cosplay.

36 Popular Princess Characters for Cosplay Ideas

  1. Cinderella – The young princess who left her shoes behind after dancing with a prince.
  2. Belle – The bookworm who believes in herself, and falls in love with the Beast.
  3. Ariel – The mermaid princess who is so intrigued by the world on land and wants to explore it.
  4. Jasmine – The Princess of Agrabah who is both free-spirited and independent.
  5. Mulan – The bright young princess who dismisses her gender boundaries to pretend to be a man to join the Imperial Army.
  6. Meridia – The Archer Princess from the movie Brave. She is strong, brave, intelligent, and will help his father and kingdom in any way possible.
  7. Elsa – A queen who has ice magic but is having a hard time mastering it.
  8. Anna– The younger and braver sister of Elsa.
  9. Rapunzel – The golden-haired princess, approx. 17 years old, who was shut in a tower by an evil witch.
  10. Tiana– The Princess from the movie The Princess and the Frog.
  11. Aurora – The Sleeping Beauty.
  12. Snow White – A perfectly lovely girl living in the forest with a group of dwarfs.
  13. Moana– The courageous and determined princess who returns the heart of the Goddess.
  14. Princess Bubblegum – The kind and talented Princess of the Candy Kingdom in the TV show Adventure Tume.
  15. Princess Zelda Costume – The level-headed and decisive princess who governs the kingdom of Hyrule.
  16. Princess Pach Cosplay
  17. Princess Daisy Cosplay
  18. Princess Leia Cosplay
  19. Princess Mononoke Cosplay
  20. Flame Princess Cosplay
  21. Princess ‘Kida’ Kidagakash
  22. Princess Kenny
  23. Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
  24. Princess Tutu
  25. Princess Fiona
  26. Princess Daphne Cosplay
  27. Princess Rosalina Cosplay
  28. Princess Yue
  29. Princess Hibana from Fire Force
  30. Princess Jellyfish
  31. Twilight Princess Midna
  32. Xena: Warrior Princess
  33. Princess Kitana
  34. Princess Boo
  35. Nefertari Vivi
  36. Princess Odette from Swan Princess

Top Renowned Disney Princess Cosplay Ideas and Costumes

Princess Cinderella Cosplay

Cinderella Princess Cosplay ideas

A perfection of beauty and fragility, Cinderella’s story has touched the hearts of people all over the world. This ball dress has a unique design with a very feminine neckline that floats off the shoulder and the abundant skirt becomes an icon for all times.

To copy her ensemble entails a floor-length blue dress, a petticoat for more fullness, glass slippers, a tiara sparkling, and a wig. You can either make the DIY costume or purchase the Cinderella costume online.

Belle Princess Cosplay

Belle (Disney Princess Cosplay)

If you are more keen on intelligent and adventurous characters then Belle is the best for your Disney Princess Cosplay ideas. Belle is from The Beauty and the Beast is an endearing character. However, what makes her stand out is her iconic look.

For this Princess costume, wear a yellow gown, created with a figure-hugging bodice and an off-shoulder neckline, with an understructure of lightweight fabric. To finish up the attire, you will have to wear a white apron, a blue scarf, and a basket to carry the books in. And that’s it.

BTW, you can also use a Beast costume for some cool couple cosplay ideas.


Ariel is an amazing and unique one for Princess Costume concept

The mermaid princess who is fearless and lively could be your lovely princess cosplay ideas. Ariel is a preferred walkway for cosplayers. Her famous, green mermaid tail is combined with a top that is attached to a seashell and long red hair that drops.

The design of this scene is done with the use of the tail of the mermaid’s detailed work, a purple seashell bra, and a fiery red wig. Costumes are also available for Adults and kids.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay

Jasmine, beautiful and smart one, perfect for Princess costume ideas

Become the most iconic Princess of Agrabah. Jasmine is from the movie Aladdin and is very well-suited for princess cosplay. In the popular Disney movie Aladdin, the character Meekhen Jasmine’s look is considered the hottest of all.

The costume reveals a cropped top with short sleeves, wide-legged harem pants, and a shining headband to her looks. Another statement piece in the attire is a necklace made with jewels that work well with the armcuffs, and a pair of pointy flats to complete the dress.

Girls often go with Jasmine outfits for their Hot cosplay themes.

Mulan (Disney Princess Cosplay)

Mulan (Disney Princess Cosplay)

Mulan’s image as a courageous female warrior not only gives her the advantage but also turns her into an interesting bargain for Princess cosplay ideas. Her distinctive look comprises a green outfit, which looks like a robe.

It is of uncommon embroidery, and it’s completed with a red sash and black shoes. You will also need to buy a serpent hat and a sword for the authentic look.


Merida Princess costume and cosplay concept

Merida, the Princess from Brave is an independent and courageous young woman which is why many girls love her as a princess cosplay choice.

for the Merida costume, the trademark look is evoked by a sleek teal gown with a fitted bodice and a full skirt, embellished with a quiver of arrows and a bow carried on the back. She is the one who comes with the red, curly hair uncontrolled!

Also, keep a bow-arrow for the realistic look.

Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna cosplay costume

The much-adored siblings from Frozen will forever be etched in the minds of viewers. Elsa and Anna are just like the well-known stars from The Blue Marble. Their is an unmistakably royal look is perfect for Princess cosplay ideas.

To cosplay as Elsa, go with her trail of blue dress, fur cape, sparkling tiara, and pure white hair with platinum blonde shades.

Anna is dressed in a green and black multi-layered dress, gothic-style cape, and her hair appended with braids.


Rapunzel Princess look for diy costume

Rapunzel is another iconic princess character from Disney who is well-suited for some cute and pretty princess cosplay ideas. Not only is Tangled about a whimsical and adventurous princess but it is as well a breathtaking animation.

One of her fashion signatures consists of a lavender dress with a corset body and giving it up to the waist, the skirt flowing and the tiara sparkling. You can’t help but remember her great long golden hair – either used a wig or notched.


Tiana costume concept

The main reason why most girls can’t wait to become their favorite Disney princesses is the brave and persistent Princess Tiana from the film The Princess and the Frog. This Disney cartoon movie is old but yet lives in the hearts of million kids and adults alike.

Her characteristic style is shown by a sparkling green gown with a fitted sweetheart neckline and white gloves that go with a tiara.


Aurora for cosplay ideas for princess character

Aurora is an enchanter princess of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. She looks the perfect princess character and all that’s to her fashion style.

She later became a style icon, including a full gown of aquamarine color with a distinctly structured bodice and an open skirt lined with shining stars topped by a sparkling tiara and very, very long and brown colored hair.

Snow White

Snow White is a princess character good for Disney princess cosplay

Who doesn’t know about Snow White? The Lady in the Snow from the ancient fairy tale has been a legacy for the cosplayers.

For the Snow White Princess costume, go with her recognizable fashion design is a blue and yellow frock with puff sleeves, a red cape, and a yellow bow on her head with a blue-collar.


Moana, a brave princess for cosplay ideas

From Moana, the fancy movie which is adventurous and frightening is an outstanding Moana choice for Princess cosplay ideas.

The short top is made of colours and images while the skirt comes from leaves and fabric and there is also a lovely necklace. Don’t leave without her curls, plus the oar for topping up on the needed authenticity.

Princess Fiona Cosplay

Princess Fiona is a beautiful princess who is also adventurous and defiant in the “Shrek” cartoon. At the series’ beginning, she is turned into an ogre at night, and by the series’ end, she learns to accept her true self. Her green dress and ogre-like form are light-hearted and very easy to identify with a character. Fiona has one of the best characters for inspiring self-acceptance, and the combination of beauty and power that cosplayers like to embody.

Princess ‘Kida’ Kidagakash Cosplay

Princess Kida is the adventurous and courageous princess from Disney’s “Atlantis: Koej Akira. She controls the element of energy and carries the spirit of her ancestors within her. Her gorgeous blue and white costume design with tribal motifs adds to the fact that she is one of the most recognizable cosplays to make. Being an explorer with a touch of the ancient world for her and the warrior spirit for the man makes for a good.

Other Princess Costume Ideas from Anime, Cartoon, Games, Live Shows, etc

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum, who is a smart and pretty character in Adventure Time, can be one of the most amusing heroes of choice for some Princess cosplay costumes for kids and adults alike.

Her look has a pink dress with a streamlined bodice and an expansive skirt attached with a dancing star tiara and her known silvery hair.

Princess Zelda

While many celebrities turn to Princess Zelda of The Legend of Zelda as their go-to cosplay look, this regal and powerful character is also a favorite among gamers and cosplayers.

Her appearance reflects the contrasting settings of the games, wearing a long dress and crown, and including elaborately adorned detail inspired by the respective game.

Princess Pach Cosplay

Princess Pach can be considered an original character with a rather playful and maddening personality. She tops her otherwise formal royal costumes with a massive dose of modern and bright colour schemes.

Her clothing style is unique and lively. Princess Pach is an original character with quirky charm and wears traditional royal attire with modern and offering fresh cosplay appeal.

For the cosplay, you can try go Princess Peach costume for the kids and a costume for adults. Do not forget to check out this amazing Princess Peach Wig set.

Princess Daisy Cosplay

Princess Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland and the love interest of Mario. She is an attractive and spirited character from the Mario series. She is described as being happy-go-lucky and has tomboyish features.

Her choice of an orange and yellow coloured dress, backed up by her high energy can make for a very colourful and cheerful cosplay. Daisy’s spirit and sporty look will be attractive at the cosplay event and her character is bright and dynamic.

Her iconic attire is already available on Amazon for both Kids and Adults.

Princess Leia Cosplay

For Star Wars cosplay lovers, Princess Leia Organa is one of the primary roles in the series. A main heroine of the Rebel Alliance, she is one of the smartest, brave characters and well as for having cool hairstyles.

A proper traditional outfit with her classic white gown and the famous cinnamon bun hair look makes her perfect for cosplay anytime. Thus, using Leia, who has the features of a queen and a rebel, is way more inspiring for the characters in the cosplay.

You can also go with a Leia Slave costume for some hot female cosplay.

Princess Mononoke Cosplay

Princess Mononoke is the story’s main heroine in specially designed armor that comes from Studio Ghibli. She was a girl living in the forest raised by wolves and was trying to defend the forests from destruction by people.

Cosplaying as a tribal warrior woman she has on an outfit in typical earthy colours, the accessories are in the shape of wolves. San reflects a strong bond with nature and is also an independent woman which makes the character a powerful one to depict.

Flame Princess Cosplay

Prince and Princess of the Fire Kingdom. Fire is a major antagonist in the show Adventure Time. The choice of her flame-like hairstyle or rather red and orange costume is quite striking and lively when it comes to Princess cosplay.

Due to stunning and bright clothes as well as outstanding temper, Flame Princess provides an interesting choice for cosplays.

Princess Kitana Cosplay

Named Kitana is a popular character that appears in the “Mortal Kombat” game series. This is the princess that is not just a damsel but she can fight and has a good aura about her but she has a sad story.

This girl’s blue outfit and deadly-looking fans give her an interesting and powerful look. Kitana is both poised as a princess and dangerous as a warrior which makes her one of the best princess cosplay ideas.

Princess Kenny Cosplay

The character commonly referred to as Princess Kenny is a fictional character from the television show South Park where Kenny wears the gown of a princess in some episodes. The simplicity of Kenny’s dress in the show, the Yellow gown, and the yellow wig make it joke look cosplay, and hence we recommend this cosplay to all fans of the series.

Kenny’s unique spin on the overused princess aesthetic makes for a more important. Kenny’s dressing up and dancing bring the element of fun and parody to any cosplay-related event.

Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon

Princess Serenity is the life Usagi Tsukino led in what is commonly referred to as the first season of the “Sailor Moon” show. She is beautiful and kind – Kenna’s the princess of the Moon Kingdom.

Unfortunately, one’s ability to see all of her in a glamorous white gown as well as the accessories shaped like a crescent moon is out of the question. Thus, condensed in the image of Serenity, is the ethereal grace and relation to the cherished Sailor Moon series to be appealed to most cosplayers.

Princess Tutu Cosplay

She is a female lead character of the anime series of the same title, which is “Princess Tutu. is also known as Princess Rose Crown who turns into a magical ballerina to free people.

The makeup is applied in a way that shows her as innocent as a princess, her costume is a sheer white ballet dancer outfit adorned with feathers and a feather headdress. For the Princess Tutu cosplay, you need nothing more than just the outfit and pink wig.

Princess Daphne Cosplay

Princess Daphne is the heroine in the classic arcade game called Dragon’s Lair. She is beautiful and is seen in rather dangerous positions most of the time.

Her flowing and rather revealing pink dress along with long blonde hair gives a somewhat vintage and eye-popping look to the Princess cosplay. Daphne, well, she represents the typical dish, and, from an old-school console’s point of view, could be a favorite for gamers and cosplayers alike.

Princess Rosalina Cosplay

Princess Rosalina is another Mario character, famous for her role in ‘’Super Mario Galaxy. ’’ She is the princess of the galaxy and the guardian of the Lumas.

Her celestial blue gown and accessories that are studded with stars effectively transform the model into a royal and magical Princess themed cosplay. Rosalina, with her calm and mysterious look, and her cosmic role, can therefore probably best be described as a Princess cosplay option.

Princess Yue Cosplay

Princess Yue is a character from “Avatar: The Last Airbender. “She is the young daughter of the King of the Northern Water nation, she is calm and noble and willing to sacrifice herself. Her cosplay outfit is also appropriate and culturally representative of the Water Tribe and can be recognized by the fur-lined blue and white costume that she wears. Not only is Yue spiritually developed throughout the series, but she plays a significant part in it and is thus a valuable character to cosplay.

Princess Hibana from Fire Force Cosplay

‘‘Hibana’’ is one of the characters created for the ‘‘Fire Force’’ series and she is a captain with special features which include beauty and fire powers. She has an authoritative attitude and small, but energetic S curves with flashy fashion choices and that look is perfect for Both Princess cosplay and Hot Waifu cosplay ideas.

Her provocative choice of clothes and pink hair give her not only bravery but audacity in her personality as well. Hibana also boasts of an incendiary character, combined with a stylistically individual appearance that can be an advantage in impressing the visitors of any event.

Princess Jellyfish Cosplay

Originally Posted by Rosalind: “Princess Jellyfish” is the title character from the Anime of the same title. She is the youngest, and she is a shy and awkward heroine, a lover of jellyfish. Her imposition concerning becoming a beautiful woman like Amy Rose is a heartwarming and relatable princess cosplay that bears closer to inside beauty.

This comparison of the ordinary outfit to the gorgeous and elaborate princess’s appearance represents a beautiful idea of princess costumes.

Twilight Princess Midna Cosplay

Midna is a key character from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. “ She is an enchanting spirit who rules the Twilight Realm is a dashing and beautiful spirit of the Twilight.

As seen in the case of this Afro singer, she wears black clothes that are well adorned with time-consuming designs, thus making the whole presentation enchanting. Midna is an attractive character, with mysterious features and an outrageous appearance that hell bring to the cosplaying authenticity.

Xena: Warrior Princess Cosplay

Xena is the main character from the TV show “Xena: The character is a warrior princess as evidenced by her striking mace skills, powerful fighting techniques, and her distinct chakram weapon. Borrowing the fierce pose of Iron Taku, her costume, comprising of leather armour and warrior clothing, gives her a powerful look perfect for cosplay. Spartacus’s balance of being a tough hero and spectacular stunt fighting would make Fow wearing it cool and pegged as Xena warrior princess perfect for fantastic fights.

Princess Boo Cosplay

Princess Boo is an example of a fan-made character in the framework of the “Super Mario series;” the character is derived from Boo ghosts. She wears something between the Boo centre and the style of a princess. Her outfit is a white dress and spooky accessories giving the elegant touch of cosplay. Another aspect of the cosplayers is the imaginative overlap of the two major themes of spookiness and royalty in Princess Boo.

Nefertari Vivi Cosplay

Nefertari Vivi is probably one of the best princess characters in this list of princess cosplay ideas. She is from the anime series One Piece. She is a princess who loves her people and is not afraid to risk her life to set the prisoners free.

Wearing a beautiful dress more than revealing makes her a candidate for wonderful exotic and colorful Hot cosplay. It would be fun for future cosplayers to have a determined woman with great adventure like Vivi of her kingdom.

Final Words:

Princess cosplay may be vintage and those animated confounded it, however, modern heroines still have a unique personality of their own such that cosplaying a princess has a promise of uncountable opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

From creating the intricate fabrics on a gown to nailing the most defining hairstyles, seeing these two-dimensional characters come alive makes cosplayers even more passionate.

Hence, the kingdom is up to you, pick your favorite princess character from this long list, and get ready to conquer with your royal impression and perfect princess costume.

I hope you liked all these amazing Princess Cosplay ideas. Study your chosen one and try to make your favorite Princess costume independently.

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