What Does A DUI Mean For Your Future Employment in New Jersey?

When you get selected for a job interview, one of the things you can expect is a background check on you. Criminal offenses such as a DUI or driving under the influence can certainly impact an employer’s review and consideration in New Jersey. During a criminal background check, these convictions show up on your record. 

If you have been accused of a DUI and are expecting to look for jobs or change jobs in the future, you should understand its implications. Certain industries may have regulations about hiring someone with a criminal history. It may also impact your suitability for certain job roles. To protect your career in New Jersey, speak to someone from the Matthew Portella Law Office today. 

Does a DUI mean you will never secure a good job again?

After you have been convinced of a DUI, it becomes difficult to explain it during job interviews. One of the things you must be aware of is the number of jobs you cannot apply to after a DUI. 

There are many companies in the US that do not hire people with a DUI record, as it is considered a crime. Often, it is related to the company’s policy for hiring a person with a criminal record if they are required to drive a vehicle for the job. Various limitations like this make finding a stable job challenging with a DUI. 

It is a myth that getting your DUI expunged can excuse you from such problems. However, you cannot get a DUI expunged in New Jersey. The conviction remains on your record for life. 

Therefore, a DUI will significantly affect your employment opportunities and career growth. Everywhere you apply, a single background check will reveal your DUI record. 

Knowing these facts will allow you to think about the penalties of pleading guilty. It is advised to hire an attorney to fight your defense and secure your future. 

What kind of employment opportunities are affected by a DUI?

As already mentioned, a DUI can make you unsuitable for many job roles. Usually, you may think about jobs related to driving, operating other vehicles, or business travel. Some other jobs that you may be disqualified for include the following:

  • Teacher or daycare worker
  • Healthcare and medical fields
  • Military and other government jobs
  • Positions with sensitive information or documents

How can you avoid getting a DUI on your record forever?

In New Jersey, you cannot get your DUI record expunged; therefore, that causes permanent damage to your employment life. When you get a court hearing, it is advised to use that to your advantage and defend your case. 

You can hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for the same. They can develop a plea deal for a lesser sentence. Consult with a law firm in New Jersey today!

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