Welcome Back: How to Farm Coins in EA Sports FC 24

Hello, gamers! Today, I’m going to show you how to farm coins in EA Sports FC 24 (EFC 24). If you’re new here and looking to build a top-tier team quickly and efficiently, you’re in the right place. Make sure to subscribe and drop a like below, and don’t forget to check out our FC 24 coins sponsor – MMOexp.com for some great deals. Let’s get started!

Why Coin Farming Matters

In EFC 24, having a strong team is essential for success, especially when playing in high-stakes modes like Champs. Without sufficient coins, you might find yourself outmatched by opponents with better players. Coin farming allows you to accumulate the necessary resources to upgrade your team without spending real money.

The Basics of Coin Farming

1. Icon SBCs

One of the most efficient ways to farm coins is through Icon Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Here’s how you can maximize your returns:

  • Bronze and Silver Players: Most of us have plenty of unused bronze and silver players in our clubs. These can be incredibly valuable for Icon SBCs, specifically the “Born Legend” and “Rising Star” challenges.
  • Special Cards: These challenges often yield packs that can include special cards, such as Team of the Week or promo cards. While these packs may contain low-rated cards, they are tradeable, and even the cheapest special cards can sell for a decent amount.
  • Profit Margins: On average, completing these SBCs can net you about 10,000 coins per set. With multiple SBCs available, you could potentially earn up to 130,000 coins just from these challenges alone.

2. Daily and Weekly Challenges

Another easy way to earn coins is by completing daily and weekly challenges:

  • Daily Showdown and Objective Packs: Completing these tasks will reward you with packs that often contain valuable items. For example, investing 11,000 coins in these challenges can yield significant returns.
  • Profit Analysis: By quick selling and listing items from these packs, you can easily make back your initial investment and more. On a good run, you might earn 5,000 to 10,000 coins in profit from each set of packs.

3. Squad Battles

Squad Battles are a great way to farm coins while multitasking:

  • Gameplay Tips: Set the difficulty to beginner and play while doing other activities. Each match will earn you points, which contribute to your weekly rewards.
  • Rewards: Accumulating around 10,000 points can place you in the Silver 2 rank, earning you approximately 2,000 coins and several packs, which can be worth an additional 10,000 to 15,000 coins.

4. Moments and Star Gallery

Moments have become more rewarding in EFC 24:

  • Completing Moments: Participate in weekly challenges and long-term milestones to accumulate stars.
  • Redeeming Stars: Use these stars in the Star Gallery to purchase tradable packs. Completing the available moments can take a couple of hours but will reward you with valuable packs that can be sold for coins.

5. Objective Farming

Objective farming is another excellent method for coin farming:

  • Milestone Objectives: Look for objectives that offer packs as rewards. For instance, scoring a set number of goals in Squad Battles can earn you valuable packs.
  • Evolutions Mastery: Playing matches with Evolution players in your team can also yield significant rewards. This method allows you to complete multiple objectives simultaneously, maximizing your efficiency.

6. Preview Packs

Preview packs are a daily opportunity for potential profits:

  • Daily Free Pack: Every day, you get a chance to preview a pack before purchasing it. If the contents are valuable, you can buy and sell the items for a profit.

Investing and Trading

While this guide focuses on easy coin farming methods, investing and trading can also be highly lucrative. If you’re interested in learning more about these advanced techniques, be sure to check out our other videos and guides.


Farming FUT 24 coins in EFC 24 doesn’t have to be a grind. By strategically completing Icon SBCs, participating in daily and weekly challenges, playing Squad Battles, engaging with Moments, and taking advantage of preview packs, you can steadily build up your coin balance and upgrade your team without spending real money. Remember, consistency is key, and combining these methods will yield the best results.

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