The Prevalence of Drug and Alcohol Use Among Truck Drivers

In Albany City, where real estate prices are rising rapidly, many individuals get injured by truck drivers due to their consumption of drugs and alcohol before driving. In the last record, it is stated that truck drivers in bulk consume intoxicated substances before or while driving and end up getting involved in a truck accident as a resident of Albany. You must make sure that you are aware of this issue and consider seeking help from a truck accident lawyer in Albany and take safety measures for making a safe environment.

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Understanding the prevalence of drug and alcohol use

Before dealing with an issue, you must make sure that you understand the root cause of the issue so that you can deal with it accordingly. Mostly, truck drivers do not get any rest due to their constant driving all night; thus, to get rid of the stress and anxiety, they start using intoxicant substances like drugs and alcohol, which can impact the safety of them and their surroundings. 

  • Alcohol: 

Alcohol is one of the major issues that is rising every single day. Despite the strict prohibition of consuming any intoxicant substances while driving, truck drivers keep drinking alcohol before driving or while driving. This is a significant issue since it can affect the safety of others, lives can be at stake, and even cause property damage.

  • Drug use:

According to the record statements, it is also stated that the use of several drugs is most common in the trucking industry. Truck drivers use drugs like marijuana or cocaine to keep themselves awake for a long period. However, still using an intoxicant substance is injurious for the one who is consuming it, but it also affects the other vehicle users on the road. 

Regulatory measures

The local law has passed some regulations, such as strict policies regarding the issue and certain testing procedures that can determine whether the driver is intoxicated or not. 

These measures can make sure to control the prevalence of drug and alcohol use in the trucking industry, which, as a result, can make a safe environment for vehicle users.

Promoting a culture of responsibility

When it comes to passing some rules and regulations, we must also make sure that we show some culture of responsibility by providing healthy well-being, giving them weeks off to rest, and providing some detention care to those who are addicted to intoxicant substances.

By understanding the root cause of the prevalence of drugs and alcohol and with the help of legal consultation, make sure to deal with this issue by promoting a culture of responsibility.

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