Arrested for Criminal Charges in Galveston? Take these steps!

A few situations can feel as stressful as getting arrested for criminal charges. People often fail to think in detail, and as a result, they end up making mistakes, which only adds to complications. Regardless of whether you committed the alleged crime in Galveston, you have certain rights. Consider asking around or finding a reliable lawyer online at the earliest. Here are the steps to take after your arrest. 

  1. Stay calm and don’t resist: When an officer comes to arrest you, do not evade or resist them. That could mean additional charges. In some cases, trying to evade may look like an attempt to harm others. Retain your calm and listen to whatever the arresting officer says. As long as the requests are reasonable, do not protest. 
  2. Do not talk to the police: The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution gives you the right to remain silent. In other words, you don’t have to talk to the police. You don’t have to answer questions. Remember, you cannot talk to the officers and get out of the situation. That is a common mistake. If you end up saying something, you may have additional charges or further complications. 
  3. Do not consent to search: The police may seek your consent to search you or your property. While this may seem like something you should agree to, you have the right to refuse. The situation can be drastically different if the officer has a warrant. If they don’t have it, you can explicitly say you do not consent. If the officer still does the search, you can always bring that up during your trial. 
  4. Contact a criminal defense lawyer: You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. They will explain what you should do and avoid, and more importantly, the charges and implications in detail. Lawyers will do their share of discovery and investigation to find valuable information and evidence. They also know what it takes to present the collected evidence in court. There are multiple criminal defense strategies that attorneys may consider for different situations. 

Once you have an attorney, you shouldn’t have to go through aggressive interrogation. Unfortunately, the police may not always adhere to protocols, and if that has happened to you, the lawyer can challenge the prosecution’s case and present additional information. Don’t delay calling a criminal defense lawyer in Galveston, and ensure you are honest with them about everything. 

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